Law School Student Sues School After Failing Class



There’s no better way to learn than hands-on experience, and hopefully that’s especially true for one law student who wasn’t doing so hot in the classroom.

Jackson Milkman, who is currently in his third year at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, is reportedly suing the school after school officials told him he must retake a course in order to complete his law degree program.  Ironically, area of study he failed is Civil Procedure, the course that teaches people how to file lawsuits.

As Above the Law reports, “After a generally successful second year, Millikan was told he had to retake Civil Procedure II. Millikan then went to his summer job. Having heard nothing more on the subject of ‘you have to pass Civil Procedure,’ he returned to school.”

He took this to mean something entirely different than what we might take it to mean…

He decided school officials had decided he didn’t need to take the course after all.  Passing off his responsibility to follow up on something important, then deciding to sue when he’s wrong? This guy is as American is a bacon double cheeseburger.

The man thought the best course of action would be to write a 60-page complaint against the school seeking relief.  For those who don’t know much about filing paperwork in court, that’s to say that this guy may as well rewritten the legal equivalent of James Joyce’sUlysses.

Then again, this guy doesn’t appear to be a master of making great decisions.  Thomas Jefferson School of Law is a second-tier school, also known in the legal community as “barely a law school.”  With extremely low job placement numbers and high tuition, it seems this student has much more to worry about than having to retake a single course, like, say, whether he prefers to spend the next decade eating Ramen Noodles or Campbell’s Soup.

Fortunately, if law doesn’t work out for this guy, then at least there are always other career options. There’s still hope for him to leave the legal profession to become a truTV blogger, just like yours truly.


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