Man Arrested For Branding His Name On His Girlfriend’s Private Parts (PHOTO)

A man was reportedly arrested last week for branding his initials on his girlfriend’s vaginal area.

Police say, 49-year-old Christopher Jackson from Arizona, allegedly used a branding tool and a butane torch to burn the initials “CJ” onto his girlfriend while she was unconscious.


Although the incident reportedly happened in May, the victim came forward just recently claiming she was too scared to come before.


According to court records, Jackson asked his girlfriend to go out dancing after a baseball game. When his girlfriend said she was too tired, Jackson allegedly offered her pills to stay awake, but she ended up passing out.

The victim believes she was drugged on purpose.

She awoke in severe pain in Jackson’s bed. She told police that Jackson had “bragged” to her that he’d done that to other girlfriends in the past, and explained that he wanted to do the same thing to her because “her vagina was his,” court documents state.

Police searched Jackson’s home and allegedly found his butane torch and brand.

Jackson was booked into jail on a charge of aggravated assault with serious physical injury


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