Man Kills Baby Mama Right In Front Of Children


You never know what will cause a person to snap and go postal on someone. A Virginia man turned himself in to police after shooting and killing his children’s mother.

34-year-old Travis Barker went to the home of his ex-girlfriend Wendy Billups to visit his children on his youngest child’s birthday. When he got to the house, Billups turned him away. Barker said her shunning him caused him to snap and he shot her in the head in front of their two children. However, according to many of the victim’s family members, Wendy Billups, 33, refused to allow Travis Barker to see his children because he was abusive to her during their relationship and she had moved away to find refuge from him.

Billups’ cousin said, “When she tried to get out of the relationship, he didn’t want to get out he took matters into his own hands and killed her.” Travis Barker has been charged with first degree murder along with a few other weapons charges. His children have been placed in protective custody.

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