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Dear Dr SiD,
Do NOT see this as an attempt by one of those”broke people”(Using Wizkid’s words lol) to just attract attention or make u feel bad but i really have to question you and wonder the kind of human being you are. Maybe u don’t know u have responsibilities as a famous person and of cos thank God for the media and technology, a  common Student and DJ like myself can successfully air my views and opinions and not get pushed aside by monsters like you.
Do you remember the NOKIA PLAYLIST PARTY @ OCEAN VIEW RESTAURANT around June 2009?
Mo-hits was the last to perform and when they finished, the show ended and everyone was rushing to go home. In the process a fan took or stole wande coal’s eyeglass and of course because of heavy security he was caught and they pounced on him. If u can remember,you guys (D”Prince, kswitch, wande and urself) were about leaving in your black Prado jeep with the plate number PEACE AMBASSADOR, the one D’banj used in fall in love video.
My point is you should have seen the way the dude was been beaten by over 7 heavy and armed soldiers with police dogs even biting and tearing this guy apart and the best you could do was just come down from the jeep so casually with your hands in your pocket and still shouting at the guy and demanding for the eyeglass. Haba brother, you no get conscience? i remember staring at you for long and you didn’t even show concern for the dude that was already half dead and he was lying lifeless in your front and you . All u did was just ask for your  Wande Coal eyeglasses repeatedly and everyone wondered if u were really human. I am not trying to justify that the dude “stole” but its natural that fans would want to have one or two asset of a star, not because he cannot afford it but because he want to identify himself with that person.Each time i remember the way you acted (even though its 4 years ago, i still have goose bumps ) and how irritated u were,the more i hope you get raped in the asshole by a horny male prisoner or better still buried alive so u go through physical pain and know how it feels. I can remember how everyone condemned what they saw and said if it were Don JAzzy , 2Face or even D’banj they could have at least pleaded on the dudes behalf  because it happened in their presence, collect their property and move on.
Let me remind you that once in the UK, Seun kuti was performing on stage and the security/organizers told the fans not to dance but stay on their sit and Seun rather walked out than for the organizers to ridicule his fans It might sound ordinary to a beast like you and your fans waiting to read this and blast me but what Seun did was priceless. He put his fans first and that’s the spirit. You have zero street credibility that’s why in the leaked recorded convo between yourself, Davido and co, you were sounding SO BITTER that you now complained / imagined how D’banj’s brand was “OVER SHADOWING” urs in Mohits so he is the reason why “people don’t know you” thank GOD for Don JAzzy in your life, you could have still been a dentist washing peoples mouth and treating mouth odor.
In conclusion, U should be an example and set quality standards, Stop the “do as i say not do as i do” syndrome and be part of change in a positive way. Furthermore stop releasing crappy songs like Yolo,Lady don dada and Baby tornado but more of Over d moon and something about you.

We are Waiting for your apology

Dj Timmy

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  • Surprising dat a star cant make certain sacrifice 4 his fans, it realy pity n very shameful dat Dr. Sid wil stand n watch while his fan was beaten half death just bcos of eye glass of wandeco dat was stil retrived frm d fan. Though nt supporting d act of d boy but its very anoyin 4 a public figure lyk u 2 behave dat way, i tink u guys ve 2 watch our 2face idibia n learn frm him. I knew neither u nor d fan but felt it wen came across it. It bad act..just change. Much kudos 2u Dj Timmy.

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