Naomi Watts Walks Out Of Radio Interview

BBC Radio 5 Live has broadcast an interview with actress Naomi Watts, in which she appears to “walk out” following questions about her Diana film.


The interview, broadcast during the Kermode and Mayo Film Review show, spanned eight-and-a-half minutes, and showed the actress Naomi Watts fielding questions about her new ‘Diana‘ film.

Presenter Simon Mayo had interviewed the star several weeks ago, ahead of the film’s premiere, talking to her down a line from his studio to her hotel.

At the time, he told fans Watts had “walked out” of the interview, claiming she seemed “a tad uncomfortable” with the questions but saying he had “no idea” what had upset her.

The audio of the interview has now been released, showing Watts answering several questions before telling him she was being told to “wind it up”.

Mayo later clarified a technical assistant from the BBC had been in the room with Watts during the interview, alleging she made the decision herself