Nigeria To Regulate Social Media Use

social media

The Bureau of Public Enterprises has said it’s preparing to roll out a lawful framework for the regulation of the social media in Nigeria.

Director General of the privatization agency, Mr. Benjamin Dikki frowned at the unregulated publishing of just what he called offending materials on the numerous social networking sites.

According to Dikki, this strategy was in line with BPE’s reform mandate to start essential policies and the legal framework for the regulation of the social networks in the country. “As it now obtains, all manner of things are uploaded on the various platforms of the social media without recourse to age and sensibilities of the users. This is not good enough” he said.

Social media laws are strictly adhered to in developed countries, with offenders facing sanctions or even jail terms, but it is uncertain if there are any laws guiding what happen on social media ion Nigeria, and if there are, they are hardly enforced.