Nigerian Youths Will Be Involved In Decision Making, Says APC

APC-LogoAll Progressives Congress (APC), on Wednesday in Abuja said it was ready to encourage youth’s participation in its decision making process.

The party’s Interim National Secretary, Mr Tijani Tumsa said this at the party’s youth leaders’ forum.

According to him, the party will encourage the Nigerian youths to develop their potential to the fullest.

He noted that the youths constitute 60 per cent to 70 per cent of the country’s population adding that they were responsible for 70 per cent of total votes in any election.

The Interim National Secretary called on the youth to organise themselves and pursue definite agenda for the good of the polity.

“If you don’t have an agenda, you will not be relevant in the scheme of things, this means that youths must be organised.

“I am very glad that you are making the first step towards organising this community under APC ready to offer Nigerians alternative governance to what we are experiencing today,” he said.

He said he was optimistic that Nigeria would be better if everybody could truly contribute his quota.

He described the Nigerian youth leaders as intelligent, energetic and resourceful people capable of handling the affairs of the nation.

Earlier, the Interim National Youth Leader, Mr Abubakar Suleja said that the purpose of the forum was to coordinate all youths for the robust activities of the party after the membership registration.

Suleja urged all Nigerian youths to be committed to the objectives of APC, which is geared towards uplifting the country.



  1. The entire people of kaduna south under
    the platform of Honorable Rufai Ahmad chanchangi we are advising Nigerians should come out and vote for APC at 2015 election race and we are praying insha Allah APC will take off 2015 election. It’s time for positive change…
    PDP is a blessing to us in APC; we prayed for that, we all prayed that the PDP should have crisis, because we are in soup if they are united.

  2. It case of APC is liken to the story of EVE giving ADAM(us) the forbiden fruit. It is just a pure propaganda to strip Nigerians off there freedom. If Fashola, of Lagos, could send ppl packing, wot wud happen wen power? Ur guess as gud as mine.