Non-Indigenes Interference In Taraba Politics Cause Of Crisis – Taraba PDP Elders

Suntai-Garba-UmarThe Taraba Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP elders said the interference of non indigenes of the state in its internal politics was over heating the polity.

The elders made this known in a statement jointly signed by Dr Mohammed Shata, its Chairman and Sen. Ambuno Sunday, its Secretary, respectively, in Abuja on Monday.

The elders frowned against the actions of some non indigenes of the state and public figures that were at the airport to receive Gov. Danbaba Suntai.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the governor had travelled to U.S for medical treatment following injuries he sustained from an aircraft he piloted in October 2012.

The statement noted that although there was a communication breakdown on the movement of the governor to Nigeria, however, the appearance of some public figures at the airport to receive him was most disturbing.

“Normally, this would not have raised concern; however, the complete absence and involvement of state apparatus raised doubt as to the motive of these public figures.

“Their actions were seen as intention to create political disunity in the harmonious state,” the statement said.

“This became apparent when words began to circulate that the public figures were holding meetings and briefing the media in Abuja on Taraba issue.

“This resulted to the crisis that arose in the state when the governor arrived in Jalingo.

“We wish to advise the groups or individuals that received the governor at the Abuja airport and subsequently addressed the media to desist from meddling in Taraba politics,” the statement said. (NAN)

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  • I agree with you on this write up. Non Indegines, especially the Hausas are the root cause of this problem- all in the name of Religion. If you listen to some of the remarks they make as regards the Taraba issue on BBC, VOA, Radio Duthevela etc, you will be amazed. No human feelings for the State Governor when he returned. Hypocrites.

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