Ogun: Bishop Oyedepo Watched Members Of Winners’ Chapel Molest Govt. Officials – Commissioner For Information


Just days after being accused of attacking tax officials of the Ogun State government, some members of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, popularly known as the Winners’ Chapel have yet again attacked officials of the state government; a reporter and cameraman of the state television station, OGTV.

The State Commisioner for Information and Strategy, Alhaji Yusuph Olaniyonu, identified the assaulted officials as Mr Peter Falomo, a reporter with OGTV and his cameraman, Lekan Egunjobi.

According to a statement by the commissioner, the journalists were severely beaten and their camera was damaged when they went to the Ota premises of the church to cover the service of building inspection notices by officials of the Ministry Of Urban and Physical Planning.

The statement said the video camera of the TV crew was forcibly seized and damaged in the process. The camera was only released after the recording had been wiped off.

“Apart from the TV crew, two officials of the Ministry were also injured by the irate church members who prevented the team from entering the premises.

“The assault was witnessed by the Head Pastor of the Church, Bishop David Oyedepo who equally was visibly angry by the decision of the officials to attempt to carry out their statutory duties in his church premises.


“At a point, the Bishop was saying unprintable things while querying the audacity of the state officials to attempt to regulate building of structures for commercial purposes in his church premises.

“The officials of the Ministry of Urban and Physical Planning who were accompanied by policemen had, following the previous day similar assault of their counterparts in the OGIRS, earlier made a report of their planned visit to the Winners Chapel premises at the Divisional Police Station, Onipanu, Ota”,the statement read in parts.

The injured were said to have been taken to the General hospital in Ota where they were treated and subsequently discharged.

The matter was also said to have been reported to the police.

In his comments, General Manager of the Ogun State Urban and Physical Planning Board, Mr Stephen Adewolu, who was part of the team that was molested in Ota, expressed shock at the lawlessness displayed by the Winners’ Chapel members and their leaders.

“No organisation can carry on as if it is above the law. We have information that the people in that church are just building structures indiscriminately without building approval, without necessary environmental impact assessment reports and they are violating planning laws and regulations.

“We only went there to serve statutory notices on the on-going building development and they are behaving as if the premises of the church is not covered by the laws of the state in which it is located,” he said.

Officials of the Winners Chapel were also said to have shunned meetings of the Stakeholders Forum established by the state government for representatives of organisations located in the state to deliberate with the government on issues of common interest, particularly compliance with extant laws on physical planning and taxation.


  1. Many Nigerians are now used as pawn in the hands of this so called “men of God” they are just giving Christianity a bad name because of their urge for money and power, and they have become above the law because of the money they have acquired. This men have fed Many gullible Nigerians with lies, taking advantage of the economic situation of the country, and have mis-interpreted the Bible to satisfy their selfish Ego. A good leader just like Jesus should be humble, and leave a simple life. That was what Jesus preached through out his ministry, being the foundation on which Christianity stands, but they have changed the concept of Christianity, making poverty a sin, and wealth as a sign of being in good terms with God. Christianity is now without cross, but prosperity. St. Paul was a wealthy and noble man before he encountered Jesus, but when he encountered Jesus he left the noble life and followed him. I’m not saying every CHRISTAIN should be poor, what I’m saying is that even when you are rich, you should be humble, live as if you are poor, be accessible and reach out to the poor. I know one day the glory of God will manifest and all the evil prophets will face God’s judgement.
    I know the hypnotized attack dogs will start throwing punches, but I was ready for your attacks before writing this comment. And don’t tell me not to Judge because I didn’t say he will go to hell, don’t also tell me touch not my anointed, because I’m also God’s anointed, and you were not there when both of us were anointed by God.

  2. You guys criticise men of God, yet its the same people ‘ men of God ” you call at midnight to pray for you when you faced with a challenge. Its people that cause separation among religious leaders, everyone is blessed with different gift. Some to emphasis holiness, some prosperity, some deliverance, some teachers, some prophets. You can’t because someone is doing well in his own set ministry and fight the person because yours is not successful. Joshua 1:8. Ask God for what your assignment on earth. I follow what The Bible says, God is love. If you love Me , you follow my commandment. Remember ‘ we are human’ , but in God we are made whole. LOVE is what I preach not minding who you are. Either small or big, old or young, I don’t care your religion, all I need from you is , do you love God? God bless.

    • According to your quote, it is absolutely not how the the gospel of truth, the gospel that God honour more than His name has put it “Some to emphasis holiness, some prosperity, some deliverance, some teachers, some prophets”. Listen and listen pretty good, Jesus is the end of all the law. God commanded all the preachers to deviate not from preaching holiness and righteousness for that is the certificate of every believers to making heaven on the last day with pastors inclusive. Just in case you do not read your gospel, I take the privilege to open your eyes to some essential passages: “Woe unto the pastors that destroy and scatter the sheep of my pasture! saith the LORD. Jeremiah 23 vs 1-2,10,11,14,21-24. Jeremiah 22 vs 13-15. Time will not fail me to announce to your hearing that God did not appoint any pastor for to preach prosperity. The BIBLE says in Deuteronomy 32 vs 1-13 that total obedience bring immeasurable blessing and prosperity. Except you be born again. Jesus has the remedy to all problems. The time is TOO SHORT.

  3. A man bought a land and built on it, suddenly, some people came that they want to capture the land and the premises using their video cameras without appropriate permission from the church in the name of government officials, is not right.

    Read this carefully, “We only went there to serve statutory notices on the on-going building development and they are behaving as if the premises of the church is not covered by the laws of the state in which it is located,” he said.

    Where were the government officials when witches and wizards were molesting the territory? Where were they when people could not cross the road in that thick forest (turned into a city) by 6Pm?

    Building development in the same land was an issue for the so called government officials. It just shows we have people in government who lacks understanding of what the actual problems in Nigeria are.

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