Pastor Allegedly Defiles Underage Girls Brought To Him For Deliverance


A 35-year-old Pastor, Yakubu Izang, was Friday remanded in prison by an Upper Area Court in Jos for allegedly defiling two underage girls.

The accused, who resides at Yan-trailer area of Jos, was arraigned for allegedly defiling the minors, who were entrusted to his care for special prayers.

He had told the girls’ elder brother, Victor Dabang, that the girls needed to be exorcised with special prayers.

According to the police First Information Report (FIR), the accused committed the offence on June 12. The report said that on Sept. 17 at about 1.30 p.m. Victor Dabang of Gwafang village near Jos, reported the matter at the Nasarawa Gwom Police Station.

It said the accused convinced the complainant to hand over his sisters to him for special prayers.

“The pastor told the complainant that there is oil he will rob on the girls’ bodies and the demons will cast out.

“Luck, however, ran out on the accused when the elder sister of the minors visited them in the house of the pastor to see how they were faring.

“The pastor made love advances to the elder of the sisters, who turned him down and reported the matter to her elder brother,” the report said.

It stated that when the elder brother became suspicious of the activities of the pastor, he quizzed the minors, who confessed that he had been defiling them.

The report said the offence contravened the provisions of Section 275 of the Penal Code, but the accused pleaded not guilty to the charges and applied for bail.

The police prosecutor, Mr Gokwat Ibrahim, objected to the bail application on the grounds that the matter was still under investigation.

Ibrahim said that if granted bail, the accused would tamper with police investigation.

The presiding officer, Malam Mustapha Hassan, ordered the accused to be remanded in prison custody, and adjourned the case to Oct. 4 for hearing.


  • pastor my foot, every heinous crime committed in this country, you must find pastors involved. from rape,armed robbery, kidnapping, oil theft, even boko haram. and CAN will forever be silent on such issues.

  • Is so ashame that we can no long have peace and comfort in the house of God. Those choose as custodian of the Holy Book of God have turn it to sex book. The bible to them is now sex Dictionary. Where is our hope, when those who were suppose to give us hope and comfort have turn our enemy. The words of God have been buried, people no longer fear God. Money and sex have become our god, greed and envy have stolen the pure part of us. Our children are no longer safe in the house of God, where do we run to now? What should we do? Pastors who preach the gospel have turn it to tools of enriching themselves. The will tell us that we came to the world with nothing and we will go back with nothing, but are they also obeying this saying? Do you think they are? Cause me I think they use this words to remove out attention from what they get from us and to make us give more without complains cause they will say at the end we will inherit the heavens of God. My question again is, where will they inherit? Why do this same preachers fight over a land? God are you aware of all this? Can I make a suggestion here without criticism from you and the world? Wouldn’t my suggestions deny you pastors your livelihood? Wouldn’t it make you even more poorer than you will be when the masses realise that they were created in the image of God and likeness, And that they too can talk to God directly and tap from Him without you the pastors doing this? I missed the olden days, days of our forefathers. Those days when people have their own personal gods(chi), those days before the advent of christian. .

  • Damn it! Underage grls hav becoming dis fake pastors list hope of having carnal knowledge of whch dey can decive nd penetrat anyhw, what baffles me is dat dis underage grls ar dirty even inside dem i culd rememba d day i finger underage grl dat day i cudnt use my hang 4 food if u see smell eh u go run…

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