PDP Crisis: Jonathan, Tukur, ‘Mini-Pharaohs’ Of Today, Says Nyako

Jonathan-pdpGovernor Murtala Nyako of Adamawa State has declared that the group of five Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governors, who earlier warned that the ruling party was tilting towards the precipice, has been vindicated by the decision of other party leaders to join them in the ‘New PDP.’

Nyako, who is one of the five governors, spoke while addressing a mammoth crowd of supporters at Ribadu Square in Yola yesterday.

The governor reiterated the resolve of the Abubakar Kawu Baraje-led faction to fight on until the PDP was steered back on course.

According to him, “These are people who consider themselves as having divine powers to do and undo as they wish, trample on the rights of others with impunity and see their wrong decisions as final and binding. Pharoah has passed away, what more of mini pharaohs of today,” he said.

He urged the people of Adamawa to see the recent fractionalization of the PDP as a battle between evil and good.

“We are doing it to protect our dignity and peaceful coexistence here,” he said.

“People take all sorts of drugs and intoxicants and take decisions when they are actually drunk. Abuja people do not like us, they prefer the few who drink and do drugs.”


  1. Shame on all those Power seekers deceiving the Innocence just because they want to become President of Nigeria at all cost without respecting the rule of Law and Democracy. Mr President is now a kid to them because he also nurse same ambitions with them. If you claim to be on ground vie for Presidency 2015 and stop forcing the President away from right as a citizen of this country. God will expose you all from such tyrant,rebellious and blood sucking evil steps of yours. 5 foolish Governors with their Atm Governor Amaechi the time is near for all to know who you people truly are. Bunch of failures and nothing more.

  2. You can’t just be saying some disgusting words to those five highly respected Governors. It is the worthy of note that every leader is trying to do just what his people wants despite it’s a good thing. But for Nigeria we just got a ruler not a leader. Him and his dogs barking at every body,and the most foolish thing is they even bark @ their political sblings(pdp members). Goodluck do not deserve to rule Nigeria because he(gudluck) doesn’t bring any positive changes to his country.so shame on him…. I and the people of the North are saying no to Gudluck second termm….Comr. Sadiq Ilu

  3. Those five governors have to be careful so dat their actions will not bring division in the country becos the southerners has wise up than b4.


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