PDP Split: Obasanjo Laid The Foundation For Atiku, Ameachi, Lamido’s Actions

Clark-OBJThe blame game between a former Federal Commissioner of Information, Chief Edwin Clark and former President Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, continued on Sunday with the former accusing Obasanjo of laying the foundation for the action of the seven Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) governors.

Clark, a rabid proponent of President Goodluck Jonathan’s second term ambition, was reacting to the emergence of a faction of PDP on Saturday even while the special national convention of the ruling party was ongoing at Eagle Square, Abuja.

He said, “Obasanjo is the one encouraging them; he is pushing governors (Sule) Lamido and (Rotimi) Amaechi to run in 2015, that’s where the trouble started.

“Amaechi thought because Senator Bukola Saraki used the Nigeria Governors’ Forum (NGF) chair to contest to be President, he could also use it to become Vice-President and we have said in the South-South that we want President, not Vice-President. So, the group of governors which Amaechi has joined believes only a Northerner can be President.”

On the involvement of former Vice-President Atiku Abubakar in the walk-out and eventual formation of the ‘New PDP’, Clark said, “Abubakar said he is in PDP, not PDM but all his men are in PDM. Is that a loyal member of the party? All his followers have left. PDM was created   by Abubakar.

“Even Governor (Murtala) Nyako had boasted that they would bury the PDP. Let them go, but I can tell you that PDP will remain stronger.  They will soon know that they are alone. Abubakar has always been a disloyal person; what he is doing now is what he had done to Obasanjo.”


  1. Atiku is a shame, an embarrassment 2d country. Hw can somebody who misused an opportunity as a leader, misuse our money in buying xpensive houses 4his girl frend in America & nw tellin us dat poverty is killing Nigerians, is dat nt madness? Jst 2 distract d present government 2earn popularity. Mad man seekin 4 power.
    The other governors are slaves who dn’t pay attention 2d affairs of their states bt national, fools. They had notin 2shw as an achievement in their state bt distraction and corruption, financin new political parties wit state fund instead of youth development.
    I pity dis new faction.
    GEJ carry on pls.

  2. What is wrong if President Goodluck Jonathan runs for a second term in office? Now little Governors are challenging their boss the President GCFR and no one sees it as a wrong act until he starts using his constitutional powers against their actions every one will start lamenting and criticising him for acting. Human rights activist etc were in the World have you ever seen Governors conditioning their president to step down for them to become his President? Only them introduced Boko haram,regular strikes etc to fault his tenure and efforts yet he still comes Victorious. Their is a saying that says Live and Let’s Live why can’t we apply it. Every Governor can never be a President be warned.