PHOTO: Pope Bows For Muslim Queen

As leader of the world’s 1.2billion-strong Catholic community, protocol usually dictates that visitors bow to the Pope when they meet him at the Vatican, but the Pope broke this tradition by lowering his head to Muslim Royal Queen Rania of Jordan when she came to the Holy City with her husband King Abdullah II on Thursday.


The Pope has once again shown his willingness to break with tradition by bowing to the royal Queen. He however, made no discernible bow toward her husband, the king.


  1. This is absolutely wrong for Pope to bow down to the queen!!!…(Case of Elijah who ran away from Demonic-Witchcraft woman)…..
    The office of Pope is spiritually &physically higher in honor and dignity why should he bow down to ordinary woman??It is not a show of humility at all,its a sign of who has higher Authority in spiritual world dt many ppl dont know.
    Its simply indicate that dis Demonic Queen is higher than him in their spiritual realm.
    I pray God will arrest their souls and they will come to Jesus.

    • Bob Bob hmmm i fear you
      ooo, see the way you turn everything upside down, u almost got me. I think its a sign of respect, dey both break rules, they r human don’t lets stop forgetting that.

  2. Watz d fuzz abt, they both r Mortal human beings created by God, Pope’s bow ws only to show respect 4 a woman dt she is not for any religious crap.
    Pope does not have any spiritual authority over any human being. The bible makes it clear, “all (including d Pope) Hv sinned & come short of d glory of God”.
    The bible also said, “to dem Hu bliv, he hs given dem power to become d sons & daughters of God”. Dis goes to show dt even d Pope needs to bliv in God to b called d Son of God. D Pope is not God & cannot b.

  3. Ignorance
    bowing down it is noting… if we are true born again in christ jesus yu wil see dat for pope 2 respect her/ him means … nothing to God… …..Abeg black ment ality . God wil forgive our ignorance ..

  4. the pope is the very antichrist whom the whole world worship ignorantly. the scripture says in the book of revelation 13 that let he that has wisdom calculate the number 666 for this number represent the name of a man. he is the devil the all races, nation etc must worship directly and indirectly.

  5. I wonder why we fail to understand dat we all ve one God!I think is now time we realize there’s only one God n stop being stupid.

  6. See the way Nigerians has basterdised Christianity… everything seems evil in their eyes. Most especially the so call end time churches. Can’t we disagree without been religiously disagreeable.. or must you lose your senses in the heat of finding God..


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