PHOTOS: Fans Dishonour Funke Akindele After Seeing Her New Look

Nollywood actress Funke Akindele has recently separated from hubby Kehinde Oloyede.

The star seems to have moved on since her divorce which came as a blow to so many of her fans. The talented actress who has been working hard out to release another block-buster movie out recently share some hot pictures online.


Most of her detractors are of the opinion that a home is what a woman should build, not showing off looks and all that.

“This is a woman whose husband just walked out of, yet she is not been remorseful about it. The fact that she is into acting doesn’t make her to act with some sensitive issues. I am sure she like her life the way she is living it now, no home, no kid…. ,” one of her fans commented online.

Well, Funke Akindele is not ready to turn a moron or recluse just because a home she wanted to build collapse; what works for A might not work for B.


  • Little minds always spend their time and energy discussing negatively about another person. Do you expect Funke to look dirty or insane just because her marriage crashed. Please use your energy to discuss or do something that will improve your lives and let her be. Life must go on. Anyone who has been in marriage will know that you can’t force it. You don’t know or can say the reason for the break up. So, let her be. She got her life to live and if you condemn her, please check your own life and see if it’s better off.

  • the appearance of pple talks much about whom dey ar can not just b living a careless life believing u av ur life to live afterall u depend on other pple to survive directly or indirectly. pples comments matters. A celebrity like her should appear dressed decently,we should not forget our culture

  • whats wrong with her looks i beg nigerians pls stop making or writng sm articles that wld make others somone as the devil,meanhile na una bad pass.

  • Live ur life dway u want2,aint nobody deal,when things #fall apart.d pple that u are fraunting4,will sympathies with{eya sawry,pele.recover soon,stay strong…}.when drawgz{problem} happens.

  • What’s wrong with her appearance. She is an Actress and She has a right to act the way she wants. Positive mind should think positively. I am sure she is catching her funs with all the commentaries. Funke ride on. Your God will surely provide you with a lasting partner. Pronto.

  • Na wa for some of we country ppl o….so bcos of man say he no do again den she go dey eat her tears nd dey roll for ground everyday ni?.see cigar talk o

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