PHOTOS: Images Of Dead Clerics Appear On The Walls Of A Mosque In Ikorodu

Last Tuesday, an amazing event occurred at Owode Onirin, Ikorodu, Lagos, as images of some clerics who died decades ago were believed to have made sudden appearances on the walls of Dawiz Central Mosque in the area.


The images were identified as as that of Sheikh Ahmada Tijani, (Algeria) Sheikh Ibraheem Niass, (Senegal) Sheikh Jamiu Bulala. (Nigeria)

Thousands of people and passers-by stormed the mosque to not only have a glimpse but to also offer some prayers. Right inside the mosque, people were seen holding bottles/satchets of water muttering prayers and shouting Allahu Akbar (God is great). Some were even seen bowing to the image.

According to Eye-witness: “The images were first noticed on Tuesday September 3, on the walls of the mosque which was constructed a few months ago and owned by Sheikh Musa Alegbeleye.”

An eye-witness also disclosed that attempt was made by some individuals to wash off the images but to no avail; adding that the more they try to rub it off, the more the images become clearer.

It was gathered that four months ago, the image of Sheikh Jamiu Bulala Islamic Cleric, who had died two decades ago appeared first faintly to the consternation of Muslim faithful and they decided never to make it public to create any doubt.

The President of Islamic society of Nigeria, Lagos State Mukadam Alhaji Samodu Onikoyi confirmed the appearance of the images.

See photos below.


  1. This is a real fake story.its only those who lack understanding of ISLAM will believe in such rubbish…why this thing always happen in lagos not in places like makkah(saudi arabia)…is lagos more of islam than saudi no but is full of ppl who dont knw the religion but rather miracle seekers…ISLAM is a religion of knwledge not miracle…read QUR’AN and get wise.may ALLAH guide us right.