Politician Rapes Girl To Déath In Goodluck Jonathan’s Village

The personal assistant to the former chairman of Otuoke Community Development Committee (CDC) in Ogbia Local Government Area of Bayelsa State has been arrested for allegedly ráping to death an 18 year old girl. Otuoke is the hometown of President GoodLuck Jonathan.

The 36-year old politician turned rápist was arrested by the police as he tried to dispose of the corpse of the innocent girl through the back door.

Indigenes of Otuoke said that the suspect committed the act in an uncompleted building owned by his boss, the former chairman of Otuoke CDC.

An eyewitness said that the suspected rápist was arrested by a security personnel. “We saw the civil defense officer dragging the suspect and shouting that he has ráped a girl to death,” he said.

But the politician is claiming he was only helping the girl after he saw her on the ground (in his house) in pain. Anyway, the Bayelsa State police command confirmed the politician has been transferred to the state capital for further investigation.


  1. This just proves U are so unprofessional..u felt if you had told your tale that way you will garner praise and fun from nigerians.
    It tells you are not a decent journalist nor a good reporter..
    Everybody now wakes up to insult the president,we forget that is why we will never progress because we have a twisted orientation and never see good in others..
    I used to respect your sources and most of your stories but I see u have just turned yourself to a gossip rag and have allowed yourself to be a willing tool to insult the president.
    Iam not a politican,nor a Jonathan sympathiser,iam just a nigerian who appreciates excellent professional reporting skill and unbiased judgement.
    And you owe the president an APOLOGY.
    Learn your lessons.

  2. igbo people. Wen una dey curse oda presidos una no kno sey na oda people brosis and sons? Now na una turn to colekt, oya, god skata dat otuoke man nyansh. May he die untop monkey! Sombody shout in d name of yesu.