Power Outage Rocks Handover Party of the New National Stadium Pitch.

The reopening party for the Abuja national Stadium on Tuesday night failed to leave up to its billing as heavy rainfall and power outage almost undermined the event.

Abuja National Stadium's New Pitch.
Abuja National Stadium’s New Pitch.

The heavy downpour at the venue made obvious the weakness in the drainage system around the field as the refurbished pitch was water logged for a long period of time.

The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) officials and top sports ministry officials led by the Sports Minister Bolaji Abdullahi witnessed another chapter of the Nigerian factor in full effect at the ceremony.

The friendly match between the Golden Eaglets and Amakson Academy was halted for over half-an-hour because of power outage.

Many remain cynical, whether or not the standby generator at the edifice had been warmed for such not-so-unexpected occurrence as it took forever before it powered on.

And the organisers were unhappy with the circumstances witnessed at the occasion as fans started protesting against top government officials.


  1. Power outage is our tradition here in Nigeria so what’s the big deal in power going off just in the middle of a game. Talking about the drainage, the pitch didn’t hold water for a long time as speculated by this report abeg…….please always report what is right.

  2. Blame Nepa for the power outage not the organizers of the event. to my own assessment of the football pitch, its a job well done and the Minister should be commended for it. I wonder the kind of people we are in this country, when you do it rightly they’ll criticize your effort for attempting to do it at all and on the other hand, if you “careless” about achieving anything this same Nigerians will ask you to bring your head so they can have dinner with it…….the summary of it all is do your best and leave the rest, because people will still run their mouth. Well done Mr. Minister

  3. Am glad people who think before they contribute are on the platform today. half bread they say is better than none…..in the past we have had non performing Ministers over seeing the affairs of our Sports in this country and hell was not let lose, now we have one who’s passion for the sector can not be over emphasized and willing to give is all in delivering the mandate of his office as Minister. The high time we start appreciating what this man is doing the better for all of us. Power outage or not, soaked pitch or not….. National Stadium Abuja, football pitch has been rehabilitated and is ready for use!


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