Private Or Public Schools?

Please I want to hear insightful analysis for this subject matter.

south_african_schoolgirlsIt is believed by some people that to get quality education, one has to send his/her child to private school. But the output from private school is not commensurate with the high fees paid.

In competitions, students from public school always win the prize.

I have personally experienced from my former boss’ daughter whose school fees amounted to millions of naira and yet she couldn’t even write final exam by herself. They had to pay someone to do that for her.

Could it be “sing along syndrome” that is affecting majority of parents even when they know that amount spent in private is not equal the output.

Are private schools better than public schools?

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  • Let say there is a big business going on between the ministry of education and the private owner of private school, why is the government not do something about providing the necessary resources needed in public schools, to me I don’t even know if public school excite, there will continually be corruption, thief etc. In Nigeria if nothing is done, some of this people having children in private school earn just the minimum wage which include their rent, feeding, transportation and the so call millions pay as school fees, many will do anything to have their kids there, let the LEADERS lead by examples, they’re the cause of this trouble, as tightly said their output ends up in a mess. It’s time we start
    growing rightly and not like an agric chickens.

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