Relationships – 5 Steps To Really Enjoy Dating!!!

1. Don’t over-assume

If you expect the kind of dates you watch in movies – the make believe, romantic stories to happen on your first few dates,  girl, you need to stop watching so much Love Jones. Relax. Just let the date unfold without any unrealistic expectations. Even if he doesn’t plan the most romantic date or his game is a little off, you can still have a great time. Have a sense of humor when the inevitable awkwardness occurs. Also, don’t spend the night obsessing over whether or not Mr. Right Now is your soul mate. Just think of him as a potential friend that you happen to find attractive. Get your flirt on, but don’t over think it.

2. Try Stepping Out With A Guy Who’s Not Your Typical Type

Don’t disregard a man, because he doesn’t meet all your physical criteria. If looking at his face activates your gag reflex, don’t waste your time. However, if you are crossing guys off the list simply due to height, race, or head size, you may be missing out on some great prospects. Approach the date with an open mind and see if there’s a connection. Even if it doesn’t work out, you can make a good friend or find out that he’s perfect for your friend

3. Stop Looking For Reasons To Hate Him

There’s a lot of fish in the sea that need to be tossed back, but don’t invent a reason to hate your date. Obviously, if he acts like a cad or does something creepy, you should let him go his merry way. However, if you decide you can’t date him due to the shape of fingers or because he likes the wrong football team, maybe you should give dude a break. Focus on his positives and look for things that you have in common. You’ll have a lot more fun that way

4. Look Good, But Don’t Overdo It

Some ladies stress too much on dressing to impress when going out on a date. Of course you should try to look your best, but buying  a very expensive dress,  teetering around in heels you can’t walk in and squeezing into three pairs of Spanx  is completely unnecessary. If he didn’t already like how you look, he wouldn’t have asked you out. Wear something cute, but comfortable. That way if you lovebirds spontaneously decide to take a walk or go dancing, you don’t need a wardrobe change.

5. It’s Cliche, But True: Be Yourself
The only way to really know if you are compatible with a man is if you show your true colors. Trying to change your personality to fit what you think a man wants is not only inauthentic, but ineffective. You don’t know what he wants. He probably doesn’t even know what he wants. You may think he’s looking for a demure sweetheart, but he’s looking for the snarky, smart sista’ that you actually are. Be you. You’ll be less stressed and have more fun.


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