Ronaldo’s Choice to Remain at the Bernabeu Doesn’t Baffle Mourinho.

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho says Cristiano Ronaldo’s renewal of his Real Madrid contract does not come as a surprise to him as it is a logical decision for every “top class player” to stick with a “top club.”

Cristiano Ronaldo Ste to Remain in Madrid Till 2018.
Cristiano Ronaldo Ste to Remain in Madrid Till 2018.

Portuguese winger Ronaldo, 28, became the highest paid player in Spanish football by the weekend when he penned down a five-year deal that will see him earn £14.2m annually.

Mourinho made the comments via a video conference call on Monday with old friends from Madrid youth team Canillas. The call, Via Skype, which found its way onto Marca’s website, had Mourinho say he had always known Ronaldo will remain at the Bernabeu.

“It seems normal to me,” Mourinho said. “When a top club has a top class player, a divorce does not make much sense. I think that Madrid have done very well to renew him and keep a player with top numbers. I do not want to comment on Cristiano’s personal choice, but it seems a very normal choice when you are a a club like Madrid. It is the end I expected.”

During the latter stage of Mourinho’s spell at the Bernabeu, the Portuguese tactician had feuds with a host of his squad member including his countryman Ronaldo, Iker Castillas, who he relegated to the bench for January transfer window signing Diego Lopez, and Sergio Ramos, just to name a few.

His return to the Premier League has well been embraced by supporters and owner of the West London outfit, seeing him emancipate from a torrid time in Spain to a homecoming experience in England.

Mourinho insisted that he’s happy with his present club and does not fancy any return to Madrid for a second spell.

“It was a very good period at Madrid. My club in Spain is Madrid. I will always be with them, except when they take on Chelsea. I do not think I will return to Madrid- I am where I want to be, and where I am happiest. I will not leave Chelsea for personal reasons, only when everyone at the club is in agreement, when we all think that is enough, or there must be a change made,” he said.

On the likelihood of Juan Mata and Fernando Torres getting frequent call ups from Spain’s national team coach Vicente Del Bosque, Mourinho believes it’s not his call.

“This is for the Spain coach to decide,” he said. “Sometimes players are called up who have not played (for their club). I just stick to my own work. They are two professionals, good players, and they will play more or less.”