Suspected Boko Haram Gunmen Kill Islamic Cleric In Yobe

boko-haramA prominent Islamic cleric, Malam Alaramma Dan-Gubana, was on Friday night shot dead by gunmen suspected to be Boko Haram members at his residential house located at Unguwar Dogon Zare, Potiskum local government area of Yobe State.

It was learnt that the incident occurred around 9:30 p.m. after the deceased had returned from a nearby mosque where he observed night prayer (Ishai) and continued with his normal routine of teaching students (Almajirai) in front of his house.

“He stood to exchange pleasantries with some visitors when three people parked a Sharron Volkswagen bus and approached them. They shot him at a close range and escaped. We all scampered for safety,” a source said.

This was confirmed by the spokesman of the Special Operation Batallion Damaturu, Captain Eli Lazarus, who said the Cleric was killed in front of his house.

Yobe is one of the three northern states under state of emergency and has enjoyed many months of relative peace until recently when killing of innocent lives in some areas in the town became a norm.

-Daily Trust


  1. Later some fools wil start typing stupid comments dah boko haram is an islamic sect den y r dey killing muslims d most,beta do ur findings and stop reaching unreasonable conclusions…

  2. @Olaide, but Boko Haram never denied not being muslims they quoted a verse 4m the koran. I urge u to watch last Wed video of shekau announcing he’s come back to do more havoc

    • anybody can quote from the bible to justify his misdeed. it doesnt mean such person is right as i believe no religion books support violence and unjust killings as being witnessed by these boko haram maniac

  3. I tink it sud now b clear to ppl dat boko haram r not muslims,dey r real terrorist.Dey just want to destroy nigerians irrespective of any religion


    “Marwa Maitatsine, was a Christian until his death!!
    Back in 1954, there ware series of meetings by the highest body of Christian association in the northern Nigeria, in Jos, which I happened to be the secretary, taking the minutes of that meeting (then, I was an undergraduate student of Christian Theology). Part of the result of that meeting was, to sponsor some people among ‘us’ to go to Arab countries as new Muslim converts, and learn Arabic and Islam. Their mission is to come back to Nigeria as Muslims clerics, use their Islamic knowledge to preach violence, distort original Islamic teachings and if possible cause a riot in the North that will make northern Nigeria a history. Five people were nominated for the job, and sent to Sudan to start their mission. 3 of them refused to come back and execute their plan, but spent the rest of their lives in Sudan as true Muslims. The remaining two; Muhammad Marwa and Birema came back, Marwa was sent to Kano, and Birema was sent to Niamey Niger Republic.”….Pro­ fessor Dauda Ojobi

    Professor Dauda Ojobi, a former secretary of Northern Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), a retired Professor in Benue State University faculty of Law, the 3rd Reverend Father from northern Nigeria, after Paul Gindiri, and GG Ganaka, The first Nigerian overseer of Baptist Church in Kaduna, and One time commissioner of Justice in Bauchi State.

    Mai Tatsine the obsolete version of Boko Haram, which began their reign in late 50’s in Kano and some other parts of Northern Nigeria, their ideologies were similar to that of Boko Haram, they forbade what Islam allowed, and allowed what Islam made haram. They claimed western education is sin, they rejected anything brought by technology, they were popular with saying, wearing a wrist watch is haram, using radios and television is haram e.t.c. (considering the technological advancement of that period). The spiritual leader of Maitatsine movement was Muhammad Marwa a.k.a Mai Tatsine. The Emir of Kano Sanusi, once suspected Maitasine as fake Muslim when he discovered Maitatsine received goods from Vatican Palace. After sarki confirmed his findings, he expelled Maitatsine out of Kano, in early 60’s. Mai Tatsine was later brought back to Kano by Gov. Rimi in 1979. Rimi believed that Maitatsine would help him win his reelection through charm. After the Maitatsine’s death, Shagari, the then President set a Anya Goru panel to investigate the crises. Prof. Dauda has made his submission in that panel, but when the President, saw the report, he said no, the white paper will not be issued on this report, because it may result to crises, so the white paper was not issued, till date.

    Professor Dauda became Muslim in 1966, after he came back from Rome, where he went to further his studies, in Christian Theology. He is still alive and has become a Muslim preacher for over 40 years. What I quoted above was from his lecture I attended in Bauchi, 2002.

    Ever since, no any Christian scholar or CAN executive denied this statement from Prof. Dauda . Are they waiting for his death before they deny it?
    -Security operatives that always claim they want uproot the Boko Haram mayhem did not investigate in that angle, why?
    -Why the relationship between Jerry Gana (CAN chieftain) and Muhammad Yusuf, founder of Bokoharam? The former has bailed the later from police custody several times.
    -I see a double standard approach and hypocrisy by the security personnel, in the investigation.
    -I began to believe Boko Haram is the creation of some enemies of Islam possibly CAN (not Christian), is never a creation of Muslims.
    -Remember, Hillary Clinton once said Taliban is their creation, to fight Russians.

    I beg your pardon, if this write up hurt you in any form, it’s not intended, but facts need to be set straight. I promised to upload the audio lecture from the Prof. Himself for your digestion.

  5. The best guide to human mind is through his words, Boko haram leader conrifirm that the sect is a Moslems sect aimed at turning nigeria into a Moslems country, the Moslems cleric that was killed must be one such clerics preaching moderate islamic religion. Hundreds of southern xtains have been killed in the north unpublished, thus Boko haram is a fanatic, terrorist Moslems militants orarnisation and it enjoy the support of many northern leaders.


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