WEIRD: Singer Celebrates 30th Birthday With Cake Looking Like A Grave Site (PHOTOS)

These days people tend to be more creative with their celebration cakes which its ok but in a case where one takes it to the extreme, it just takes away the beauty and the creativity.


This is the case of a Kenyan singer, Karen Lucas who recently clocked 30 some days ago and decided to celebrate in her own with a cake looking like a grave site.

See photo of the cake below




What do you think of the cake?Yay or Nay and would you eat this cake if you were offered in a birthday party?


  1. nay. this is from the pit of hell. she will soon die along side with those that eat the cake. what an inglorious assignment for a birth day!

  2. I think the birthday Party is not Met for any one but for a special invitee so they know What to do With the cake, if they like let them eat it. As for me am not there.


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