We’ll Help Stowaway Boy Achieve His Dreams – Edo Govt.

stowaway teen

The Government of Edo State has expressed its readiness to ensure that the stowaway teenager, Daniel Oikhena, achieve his dreams by sponsoring the boy’s education up to university level. This is coming on the heels of a similar gesture bestowed on the boy by a group DeRaufs.

Speaking on the government’s plan, Edo State Commissioner for Information and Orientation, Mr Louise Odion, said that Governor Adams Oshiomhole was determined that ensure that Daniel gets the best education.

Odion said: “Edo State Government is already taking steps to ensure that Daniel gets not just material but also psychological support to enable him achieve his God given potentials. As a doting parent himself, Governor Oshiomhole has followed the development closely. As a matter of fact, he personally engaged Daniel.

Meanwhile, the mother of the boy, Mrs Evelyn is at war with the husband, after she was accused of depriving the husband, Osaigbovo access to members of the public since the stowaway saga started, but the family of the woman described the attitude of the husband as disappointing “because he decided to appear now thinking that money is involved but he abandoned the children all these while, it is shameful.”

Odion regretted that the seeming crack between the mother and the father affected the upbringing of the boy.

“From his interaction with him and his parents, who unfortunately are separated, it is obvious that there is a deficit in terms of parental care, even though he sounds quite intelligent. We will ensure that Daniel benefits first of all from the intervention of clinical psychologists. His psyche needs to be weaned off destructive anger,” Odion said.

“Thereafter, we will assist Daniel up to university level consistent with the philosophy of Oshiomhole that every Edo child gets quality education that not only addressed the cognitive, but also the affective and psycho-motor domains as well.”