Why Niger Delta Oil Theft Can’t Stop – General Boyloaf

General Boyloaf

One of the ex-militant leaders in the Niger Delta, Dr. Ebikabowei Victor Ben, alias ‘General Boyloaf’, has said that oil theft in the Niger Delta will not stop until the Federal Government takes appropriate steps to compensate the natives of the region.

Boyloaf, who is one of the Niger Delta ex-agitators, who brokered the amnesty deal with the late President Umaru YarÁdua, said in Abuja that oil theft had soared in the region because the owners of the land where the oil facilities crisscross did not feel any sense of belonging after many decade of oil production.

Boyloaf also said that those who are making use of crude oil found in their back yards should not be referred to as ‘oil thieves’ as they were only making use of their God-given resources.

“I hate to hear the word ‘oil thieves or oil theft’ because the people you want to label as thieves are simply trying to make use of their God-given resources. In other words what they are doing is the legitimate ‘resource control’ that we have been talking about.

“The truth of the matter is that the Niger Delta people are simply controlling their resources and not stealing any oil,” Boyloaf said.

Boyloaf said the ongoing problem in the Niger Delta was as a result of the negation of the original terms of the amnesty deal, which they entered into with the Federal Government in June 2009.

He regretted that what was being implemented by the government under the guise of amnesty fell short of the character and spirit of what they signed with the YarÁdua government, adding that Nigerians should ask the government why certain components of the deal were not implemented till date.

While accusing politicians, who were not part of the amnesty, of hijacking the programme, Boyloaf alleged that the key components of the programme like the offer of lifeline and rehabilitation of former agitators had been abandoned by the Federal Government.

“We were abandoned and turned into beggars once we accepted amnesty. Today, what you have in the name of amnesty is not what we signed with Yar’Adua.

He said that the stoppage of the oil pipeline protection contracts, which were awarded to former agitators, was one of the factors responsible for the rise of oil bunkering in the Niger Delta.

According to him, the stoppage of the oil protection jobs has forced the natives to resort to other jobs in a bid to survive and warned that the next phase of the Niger Delta crisis may be worse than the previous one if the government fails to implement the terms of the amnesty to the letter.

Boyloaf, who also accused security agencies of aiding and abetting oil theft, challenged them to show why the big names that are behind the illicit trade have never been exposed and brought to justice.

According to him, it is only the few local players, who are unwilling to play along with the security agencies that are often arrested and paraded as oil thieves, while those who comply with the conditions imposed by the security agencies are often freed.

He said, “Nigerians must be made to know clearly that over 75 percent of the oil said to be stolen in the Niger Delta belongs to the security agencies and they must be held responsible for the rising theft.

“If the government is serious about the issue of oil theft, it must revisit the surveillance contract and empower communities and stakeholders to take up the responsibility of protecting the pipelines, which run through their back yards.”

On the 2015 election, Boylaof claimed that although he was not a politician, Nigerians must allow President Jonathan to run out his two terms as provided for in the Nigerian Constitution.

He said, “The decision to run for a second term is solely that of President Jonathan; if he so wishes, he is allowed by law to do so.

“I strongly believe that no group of persons should harass or intimidate him from exercising his right. I will not go out of my way to ask the President to run for a second term. It is his decision he alone has to make.

“Let me take seize this opportunity to appeal to our northern brothers not to mistake our resolve to maintain peace in the Niger Delta region as a form of weakness. Nobody should blame our people when they react forcefully on issues associated with these matters and many other unwarranted attacks on our sons and daughters by those who think they own Nigeria and our commonwealth and think that the Niger Delta people must continue to be subservient to them. A word is enough for the wise,” he warned.

Boyloaf also said that the furore surrounding the sale of the OPL 245 to Dan Etete, former Petroleum Minister, should be allowed to rest, as he was not the only Nigerian, who was allocated an oil block. [Vanguard]


  1. General Boyloaf,

    I agree with your views about government neglecting the people of South-South. The issue of government sharing small piece of cake to some group of hoodlums in the Niger-Delta will not solve the problem in that region. What the government should do & must do is to develop the Niger-Delta region to attain similar standards with best cities of the world, providing them with the necessary & needed facilities & infrastructure rather than selecting just .001% of the population & sharing scholarship, houses & cars to them.

    I see whatever action government takes today to reduce the activities of oil theft & bounkering as a selfish rather than a selfless service. A situation where a particular government pays off a few people of the community just for him/her to be able to run his government & administration as he wishes & after he/she leaves, the efforts is not & can’t be maintained.

    For any meaningful progress to be made with regards to this problem, government must develop the Niger-Delta to meet international city’s standard rather than making money out of the problem through various forms of amnesty what so ever.

  2. All these ex-militants are mischief maker,imagine,a northerner offered you a mail ticket,but your chef brother,who is in charge of the kitchen refused to serve you. now,who is good and who is bad ?

  3. General Boyloaf what you have commented is 100% correct in all its ramification.
    However Jonathan should face infrastuctural development of this country squarly as an outstanding performance will give him room for campaign in the 2nd term bid.
    At this moment their nothing to offer, votes might be divided along sentiment and performance, and the latter might decide

  4. @ keku, you have a point. But imagine a situation that the chief servant is compelled by the northerners in the assembly not to do his work rightfully and it is later used against him that he did not do his work well!
    Dr. Ebikabowei Victor Ben, alias ‘General Boyloaf’ is right afterall, as a means of employment, providing the host communities with the job of securing the pipelines which is at there “backyard” and “frontyard” is not a bad idea, they can do the job well better than ANY security agency. The survelliance contract should be revisited! to provide jobs for the teaming unemployed youth in the region.

    @Nasir, Talking about infrastructural development, have any arm of the government ministry complain of lack of fund to execute their tax? The ministries of transport, housing, economic planning, works, etc. are all there to do their respective jobs, why must it be that only resources set asside for rehabilitating the youths in Niger Delta that attracts everybodies attention? Must the south-south be a slave to the north for ever?

    • @BlessingN,

      I believe you are educated at least you can read, write & browse the internet. You are completely out of my point & sorry to mention, but I believe its because you are among those clouded by sentiments & ethnic mentality that’s why you went straight to mention Northerners.

      I have been wondering what that has to do with the issue that the general is talking about or what my comment reflects. Read & comprehend people comment before you begin reacting emotionally, sentimentally or possibly transfer your aggression on people for posting their opinion.

      I am a Northerner & I am among those supporting that the government should return the resources of the Niger-Delta back to them. Nigeria can not be held in bondage simply because a few politicians are benefiting from the resources, whether those politicians are from the North or South, it is not the issue, but why is the ordinary man having headache over what he/she is not benefiting from? The government must make that grate sacrifice to return the control of these resources to the people of Niger-Delta, it would not kill the ordinary man.

      I believe there are so many areas Nigeria can explore instead of relying too much on the oil in Niger-Delta & I believe it will enable states like Niger state & Sokoto who have Oil as well as gold to be explored these resources. After all there a several countries around the world that have developed without oil, why all the headache.

      So please @Blessing next time you should rather go & transfer your hostility & aggression on the person who has frustrated you & not on someone who is simply expressing his/her opinion on the internet


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