Woman Bitten by 10ft PYTHON On Both Legs While Walking Home



A woman was rushed to hospital after a PYTHON sank its fangs into her on her way home from a pub.

Sue Cull’s face swelled up and she could not stop shaking following the attack ­thousands of miles from the 10ft snake’s natural habitat in the tropics.

Sue, who suffered bites on both legs, said: “It’s just bizarre – when you are walking around you don’t think there is going to be a python attacking you.

“If we had been told by police there was a snake on the loose I wouldn’t have walked through the grass.

“I’m just lucky the snake didn’t constrict me as well.”
Sue, 47, had been crossing a grass verge to pick up a takeaway curry after a night at the Old Duke of Brynmelyn in Swansea.

She tried to treat the injury herself at home but blood would not stop pouring from her right leg so she went to nearby Morriston hospital.

She added: “Doctors and nurses at the hospital were gobsmacked. They had never dealt with a python bite before.

“They had to ring a reptile and venom unit in London to find out what had bitten me.

“I was put on three different drips and my face started swelling up – the blood wouldn’t stop coming from my right leg.

“They had to do X-rays to make sure there were no fangs stuck in my legs. My right leg went black and I was shaking and couldn’t get warm.

“The bites are still sore to touch.

“Who would think you would get attacked by a python in Swansea? I would have been scared out of my life if I had seen it.”


It is thought the python – usually found in Asia and Africa, was an escaped pet which was reported missing but was later found in a pipe and returned to its owner.

Their bites are not poisonous but they kill their prey by constricting them.

A spokesman for the Reptile Centre in Cardiff said: “It is possible she had an allergic reaction. Any snake may bite if it is frightened but the bite alone will not kill you.”

Police said a python had been reported missing but it is unclear whether the same creature was responsible for the attack.

A South Wales Police spokesman said: “We had a call that a snake was lost but we are unaware of any still on the loose.”

Snake fright

A woman in Wales has revealed she was bitten by a python on her way home from the pub.

It’s a salutary lesson. So next time you’re down the local don’t drink snakebite.

And watch out for snakes in the grass.

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