Woman Grows Potato That Looks Like A Duck (PHOTO)


Dorothea Clinton thought she was growing vegetables in her garden, not birds.

She managed to get a little bit of both when one of her potatoes ended up looking like a duck.

Clinton, 73, was a little quacked when she discovered the mallard-shaped tuber in her garden in Peaton, Great Britain.

“I just pulled it out the ground and I thought ‘Oooh, it’s a duck,’” she told the Shropshire Star. “We normally eat everything we produce from the garden but I can’t bring myself to eat this one, it’s got a kind of strange sentimental value to me now.”

So sentimental that she refuses to eat it. She’s keeping it in her garden shed instead.

“It’s got pride of place in the shed, where it will stay until it rots away, I can’t bring myself to eat it,” she said, the Daily Mail reported. “To me it isn’t really a potato, it is a duck. I think it’s absolutely wonderful.”

Clinton isn’t the first person to grow a duck-shaped potato.

Back in June, Chinese farmer Hu Xianglu dug up a spud that looked like a baby duck reaching up for food. Like Clinton, he couldn’t bring himself to eat it.

“As it looks like the popular rubber duck, I then put it on my desk hoping to bring me good luck,” he said, according to the Metro.

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