4 Tips To Show Him You Are Interested Without Actually Saying It.

images (1)bnCrushes can be fun, but striking a balance between flirting and being too obvious can be nearly impossible. You want to let him know that you think he’s awesome, but it’s not like can just march right up to him and tell him that, right? If you’re trying to be subtle, use some of these tricks to show him he’s not like other guys—without ever having to actually say so to his face.

1. Homework helper
Is it your crush’s brains that make you weak in the knees? Get to know him by asking him for help with an assignment you just can’t seem to understand. When all of his help pays off and you ace the test or get a perfect score on your homework, send him a little note thanking him for getting ya there. Just remember: don’t act dumb to just get his attention—he’ll see right through that.

2. Movie magic
Itching to see that new horror flick or action/adventure blockbuster? Invite your crush and a few of his friends. Tell him your friends all want to hit up the newest rom-com, but if he and his crew come, you can tip the vote in favor of something with a little more excitement. Now it seems like you’re asking him to help ya out instead of just asking him on a date, but you’ll still get to hang with him all night.

3. Band bonding
If he’s a music lover, compliment him on a band tee or song you catch him humming. To keep the convo going, ask him for some recommendations for a new playlist. This comes in with a built in excuse to chat with him again—let him know how ya like the new songs and give him some suggestions in return. He’ll be flattered you trust his taste in music, and you’ll get to show off how awesome yours is!

4. Flirty fighting
Normally, picking a fight with your crush isn’t the best way to get him to notice you. Try challenging his opinion on something lighthearted—Batman vs. Spider-Man, football vs. baseball, that kinda stuff. Keep a smile on your face and crack a few jokes so he knows you’re just playing. Guys like a girl with opinions of her own, and showing him you’re not afraid to disagree with him might make ya stand out in all the right ways.


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