5 Benefits of Marrying A Mama’s Boy!!!

article-20131028010132536805000Mama’s boys are harmless and adorable beings who know how to respect a woman and take care of her. Do not roll your eyes ladies, for this has been proven through numerous research studies. The stereotypical representation of mama’s boys has led to negative connotations around the word. It typically means a man who is often cribbing, effeminate, excessively dependent emotionally on his mother and not capable of taking firm decisions.
Compare this with the positive connotations attached with daddy’s girl, who is considered to be independent, protected and pampered to the verge of being spoilt. I do not understand why being daddy’s girl is cool and it is a taboo to be a mama’s boy. Some feminist conspiracy, I say!
Mama’s boy is stigmatized universally, in all countries and communities. They also exaggerate the miserable situation of the woman married to the mama’s boy because she is devoid of her husband’s love, trust, support and what not. This portrayal is totally unrealistic and there are more than enough benefits for marrying a man who loves his mother.

1. For unconditional love and respect
There is a famous saying that, “A man who treats his woman like a PRINCESS is a proof that he has been born and raised in the arms of a QUEEN.” Such a man will not let his ‘male chauvinistic pride’, come every time in the way of his relationship. He will genuinely try to understand and respect your point of view, since he is actually more in tune with the women around him.

2. He is strong and responsible
Well the above may sound as a generalized statement to some, but then we cannot deny that mother is a child’s first teacher, guide and mentor. She not only pampers him endlessly but also instills values and sense of responsibility in him. A mama’s boy is not selfish or self-centered and understands his responsibilities towards his family. He is strong both emotionally and physically, and is capable of protecting you against all odds.

3. He is emotionally more intelligent
One of the things that mothers who are close to their sons do is teach them emotional intelligence– the ability to recognize and articulate their feelings, and also to understand those of others. These boys grow up to be better communicators and more emotionally sensitive, so they make better partners.

4. He believes in expressing his feelings
He is not like other men who trivialize the value of emotions, don’t believe in candid confessions and consider themselves too good to explain their actions/decisions. He will put your feelings above his and will always be by your side during the crimson tide. What more, you will not be the only one responsible for breaking the ice after every fight. Trust on him to take his share of initiatives and resolve the arguments through proper communication.

Marry him because he needs you
After his mother, you are the one who is going to make a strong presence and impression in his life. Many women complain about their husbands being attached to their mother’s apron strings or consulting them in every big or small decision. In such a situation, what women must understand is that it is a habit they have grown up with. You will have to make a concerted effort to gel up with your mother-in-law and at the same time work towards being the most important woman in your husband’s life. It is about earning the respect he has reserved exclusively for his mother while keeping your own identity intact.

A mama’s boy can be smart, intelligent, rich and handsome without being egoistic, non-expressive, chauvinistic and boorish. So, do not let this ‘tag’ stop you from choosing your Mr. Right!



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