6 Top Rules For Every Single Lady Who Desires A Relationship!!!

images (16)Dear ladies, do you desire a great relationship? Then, you should follow these tips.

1. Be a goal-getter! Get something to do! Be responsible! There is nothing sexier than a smart and confident woman!

2. There is no prince charming – but you can make one out of your man.

3. You can lure a guy into a relationship with sex; you can turn 360 degrees in bed and do different types of ‘gymnastics’ to please him, but you can’t keep him forever with sex! Once he is tired of you, he would move on.

4. Don’t go fantasying about the kind of love you watch in movies; they are make-believe. A high percentage does not happen in reality.

5. A man sees you the way you see yourself, therefore do not look down on yourself. Never think low of yourself, but then be humble.

6. Stop jumping from one club to the other, stop portraying yourself as a club – addict! Even a bad guy wants to marry a good girl.




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