6 Unintentional Things Your Body Language Says About You

datingWhether you’re in the midst of a long-term relationship or navigating your way through a new one, there is one thing in particular you should always pay attention to when it comes to giving off the right vibe: your body language.

Your body can speak louder than words, but is it saying what you want it to say? Learn to send your messages clearly with these body language do’s and don’ts.

1) Eye for an Eye:

To put it simply, eye contact is talking in the absence of words. Eyes can communicate a wide range of messages and sensitivity. Be extra conscious about looking your man directly in the eye, even though it may feel more comfortable looking away.

2) Body Positioning:

If someone’s torso, shoulders and legs are facing toward the other person, they are showing interest. But if their torso, shoulders and legs are facing away or off to the side, they are either not sure or they are blocking the person from getting to know them.

3) Crossed Arms:

This one is a no-no for obvious reasons.
Crossed arms essentially make you look closed off, unwelcoming, and uninterested. “If you want men to approach you on the dating scene, you need to appear as open and welcoming as possible.

4) Group Formation:

Speaking of looking closed off, be attentive when out with your ladies. When a group of gals are out on the dating scene, they tend to stand in a circle. Circles are closed off and leave no opening for a guy to join, which makes it difficult for men to approach them.

5) Take a Stand:

Your mother wasn’t lying when she told you to stand up straight. A good posture on a date shows your confidence level in who you are and your self worth. A woman who doesn’t stand up straight, or has her shoulders rounded forward may be perceived as shy or with low confidence.

6) Turn that Frown Upside Down:

Without a doubt smiling is the number one, most important thing you can wear while dating and in a relationship. A smile on your face shows that you are a happy person… and men gravitate toward happy women.


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