7 Things Your Wife Doesn’t Want to See You Doing

07 (1)Alright so since I talked about “9 Things Your Husband Doesn’t Want to See You Doing”, it’s only fair that the wives get to speak their piece and voice their dislikes as well. Just as in my other post, these are a compilation of things that other wives have shared with me.

1. Stray Hairs from Shaving:
Leaving your remains in the sink, on the toilet or floor…pretty much anywhere other than the trash is kinda gross. Yeah, we’d be happy not to see stray shaved hairs all over the place.

2. Bread Crumbs: Pick it Up!
We can probably find our way around the house without the need of you leaving a trail of clothes as bread crumbs to get from one room to another. The hamper or laundry room is really where we’d like to see those dirty piles of clothes.

3. Spitting: That’s Nasty!
Spitting. That hog spit, bringing it up from your gut thing you do is so not sexy. It’s even worse when done in a moving vehicle or walking down a sidewalk. It sounds nasty, it looks nasty, it’s just…nasty!

4. Flatulence: Not Cute!
Flatulence. Yup, we seem to be in agreement here. Just like you don’t like when we do it, yours doesn’t smell like roses either. We know sometimes it can’t be avoided, but you can at least give us a heads up.

5. The Adjustment: Especially in Public!
The adjustment. Those times you have to ahem…adjust your privates…don’t worry, they’re not going anywhere. It’s different when we’re in the privacy of our own home. But walking around in public to get to that itch is a little much at times. We’re not immune to the occasional itch, but you would probably be flabbergasted if we had to reach up our skirt in the middle of the sidewalk. Be discreet.

6. The Blind Eye: It’s Right There!
The blind eye. Why is it that when you ask where something is and we tell you, it’s not there. But the second we go to look for it…voila! It’s exactly where we said it would be? It’s magic I tell ya! LOL

7. Using the Bathroom: Close the Door!
Using the bathroom. So while we are in agreement again here, this one is more of an invasion of privacy. If we’re in the shower or brushing our teeth, generally we don’t want to see or hear you take care of your business at the same time.


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