8 Reasons It’s Awesome Being A Guy

TNMCoupleKissIntimate-390x260Why is it awesome to be a guy? Why ISN’T it should be the question. There’s multiple reasons why it’s awesome to be a guy and we’ve got a list of 8 of them here.

1. True Friends – Yep, this goes without saying, but “Bros before Hoes” is something that originated because of the realistic, non fake friendship we have with our friends. Girls change friends and screw each other so much it’s ridiculous. To be able to say that your friends are the same friends you’ve had since high-school is usually something only coming from a male.

2. No Problems with Self-Image – Yeah, we like to look big and some of us wish we were taller, but how many times do you spend 30 minutes in front of a mirror before you go out? Hopefully none of you. Girls start using make-up in middle school and once you go in public as a girl wearing make-up, you only look ugly afterwards, therefore girls are constantly worrying about self-image and must maintain a certain “look” every time they leave the house. We just hop on up and go!

3. No Social Standards – I mean we can’t go running around in public naked, but as a guy we’re rarely judged by anything else besides personal perception. Instead of people looking at our body ( As girls put upon themselves by the way they dress) for standards of an opinion, people make real, down-to-earth opinions on what they think of us as individuals. AND we can pee outside..

4. No Periods – This goes without much explanation, but the fact that our genitals don’t bleed 7 days out of the month deserves a mention.

5. Sports – People actually give a S#$! about our sporting events. You can say people care about girl’s sports, but where is the money at? At a solid 50:1 Ratio of average athletic salaries for professional sports, I think this goes without much of a debate.

6. Respect – I’m not going to sit here and say what’s right and what’s wrong, but it’s naturally easier to win important decisions, jobs, and general election stuff as a male.

7. Girls – Ha, this might seem weird on this list, but as a straight male, I cannot see what’s attractive in liking a guy sexually, emotionally, or really anything. I’m not going to name off the ins and outs of everything we get to appreciate about a girl, but I’m glad to be on this side of the gender chain.

8. No Drama – When something is going down between two guys, it get’s settled quick and fast. Whether they work it out or get in a brawl, these little arguments don’t last forever and the only drama men find themselves in is drama forced upon them from dealing with girls.