A Warri Boy’s Letter To President Jonathan On The ASUU Strike

Below is a Warri boy’s letter to President Jonathan on the ASUU Strike. It is in pidgin English so get ready for some laugh although the writer makes some good points. Anyway, we’ll let you be the judge.

asuupeopleOga Presido

First of all I hail ooo! I no say u no dey cary last. You be confirm ijaw pikin. As dat ur middle name ‘Ebele’ mean ‘mercy’ so make u pity ur children settle their lecturers naa!

The matter neva tire u? Suppose say ur pikin wey u born for belle follow us dey house, shey you for never answer we lecturers them? Una say make we bone kidnapping, militant things and all the bad bad things dem go enter school, now na una com dey f**k up. All the things wε̲γ we lecturers don teash us for klass we don forget finish. Last last, na una go still call us “half-baked”, “half-roasted”, abi na “half-fried”. Na una sabi!

Dem talk say person no fit run pass him shadow. We dey hea dey watch you. Na ur time be dis use am well, but we go jam for 2015. U don forget say youths na we dey vote pass abi? Na we sef dey snatch ballot box, dey do rally and som kain kukere things dem wey una dey take win election. U go still nid our help o. That time we sef go go strike. Shebi u sabi waka witout shoe, u go carry ur leg do ur rally. No thug for u. We no go snatch ballot make you for win. If any maga try am we go fall hin hand.

So bro Jona, na ur opportunity be dis o make u code this stubborn ASUU pipu make dem cary their wahala enta class. We no say na rush them go begin rush us but we no send. All join. Na who get leg dey kuku pass exam no be who read. Na still who get leg dey get beta work. Na Naija we dey. So make u do something because our mate dem for private university don graj finish. We don tire to dey beef them. If u no shake bodi fast make u no forget say university of militancy still dey admit dey neva even release 2nd batch ooo!

Abeg try grit maale Patience well well (i thank baba Godee say she and gran papa Soyinka don settle that their quarrel), greet all those bad belle advisers wey u get too, God pass them! Uncle Amaechi still dey Niger-delta here o, hin don tire for ur mata. I dey grit u for am too.

I go stop for here. E go be na.

Naija student for life!

Na ur waffi boy.


  1. Bros u yarn well,e b lyk say bros jona no no say him go jam us in 2015,we dey wait 4 am.make him childrn come carry ballot box 4 am.no long thing

  2. broda I gbadun una leta 4 bro jona. na as d mata be u talk am. we don taya 2 dey sidon 4 house. make hm settle we lecturers. or beta stil we go meet 4 2015.

  3. Na trut u talk oo,if we youth nor help bros jona e 4 nor dey where e dey now oo. Those lect tink say na dem sabi pass. Guy I like ur letter jare

  4. GEJ don dey fuck we youth especially the varsities students wela, bt i wanna let ha no dat very soon GEJ will b beging us to vote for him bt i assure dat u ll nt rceive our mandate on dat day. Very soon Jonathan u ll no hw important we re in dis country.

  5. On bav of all d students & parents, Jonathan dey fuckup wella & i wish i get dis guy Mobile Number i for hala am to let am no say mk he nor depend on us again for 2015 again.

  6. bro. u try no b smal. bt i no no say weda dis ur masage go met oga jona cos back belle ppl go stil hide am.. mak dem hear we stil dey 4 2015 we go c hu go vote 4 ram nah.

  7. Guys all of una dey fuck up no b him fort @ al sebi na so una go sit down 4 house dey make mouth, no more beta youth like does days, dem 4 don anser since if niger youth get mind, shot all private universities, stage daily protest, block major roads go in thousands 2 aso rock, let media take it as dere headline daily dem go anser quick quick

  8. 4get guy. No dey lie to us say u be wafi boy. Na Amaechi & e bad belle frenz send u. All thez politics go end soon. Bro Janah no get prob, 2k15 e go win big time, 4getee na 2day!

  9. Your Father well well. You think say you fit dey talk anyhow abi? GOD go really punish una well well. Non of una be ORIGINAL WARRI boy if not, una no for dey talk anyhow. Na yoruba guys una be becos wella and gbadun na language wen we no dey like use for WARRI. Northern and Western Presidents don dey rule us since and a lot of negative things dey. nothing new about this strike, na old mara. Make I tell una, we ready for anything, come 2015, we go tear everything, let’s see who will be the looser. With una dirty face.

    We go resist anybody wen wan try to oppose the first president from our region.

    we the niger deltans are solidly behind u Mr President. We dey ur back like hunchback.

    My humble self, D Argon Boy.

  10. Brosye…weda u b warri boy or not,u no yarn bad at all…bt bros Jonah try 4 dis ASUU na…1billion no b small money na,make dem manage dat one first na…shuuu!!!na only dem b naija workers???
    Bros e go better if u write address doz thieves wen call dem selves members of National Assembly,na dere our money finish 4 dis country….all of dem dere na thieves…God go punish dem one by one…

  11. NANS and ASUU president should inform Mr president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan that His 2015 presidential ambition is astake since he blatantly refuse to attend to the needs of nigerian students forgetting that the majority of votes that made him the president came from the students.He should continue with his deaf ears but we are waiting for him at the pool.We are watching.

  12. Is time for the SUG presidents in nigeria to come together and organize peaceful demonstration about this ongoing strike because it seems federal government does not want to attend to ASUU

  13. bros your news de come when brother jona Don settle issue ? you no hear say him Don agree to pay. anybody whey want do bad,na him sabi make him no call bro jona oh he is not responsible for your bad actions

  14. I jusy dey laugh! Una no go kill me! Who dey yan 2015 pool? Make I ask una. Since wey this niaja start how many we vote count? Make we forget all this noise! Them know as them dey take do am

  15. God ego punish all of una way de support Mr jerican wit him bad attitude, 2015 de make only Niger delta vote carry am win .

  16. Make una leave GEJ him don 4get say na him actions we go carry jugde am…we go send ameachi or doanld duke go the this time

  17. Bros Waffi boy I gbadun your yan. I thinks say Olamide you dey sing before but I llater know sey na true talk you dey talk. Bros Arkagon or wetin you dey call yourself? You dey make mouth sey your broda Jona do good first of all go down low. Your broda Jona no fit facilitate our versities with N92 billon but e fit change hin kitchen with. N10billion. Sey na mumu e think sey we be. E day eat N5million meal. Abi you nd your broda be learner? If your broda no dey corrupt why be sey nana soso die or mistake all hin oga dey make since e dey for pry sch? If your broda no dey corrupt why e no fit declare his assets like hin oga wey go yonda? Abeg I don tire. First of all go down low. Tell him sey we go collect the shoes wey we gave him come reach 2015 we dey wait ham.

  18. U don try ma broda. As western and northern presido don f**kup mean say make bro jona sef fall our hand abi? Make i’m no wori, na in leg wey no get shoe e go take waka the road wey im don break bottle put. Leave am 2015 don reach finish.

  19. Make una GBES for that mara, wetin dey sup sef. Na for online una wan dey make mouth, naija youth too they fear una nor fit enta street and shutdown all the activities going on for tha country just like egypt. I pray make jona nor answer una wen dem don they record dead bodies for e neck. Una dey hear they write and comment for letter, na diaspora I for they write this message so I hate my country (nigeria) jah bless canada. Wtf naija. Do something and stop writing and commenting.

  20. My broda na true u tok o! Abeg bro Jona, try do somtin cos house don tire pesin. U knw say if na u, u no go like am ba. I knw say u dey try bt try harder.

    By Nmeki

  21. vrysoon asuu nogo see any school to teach at all,F.G go dey de build new skuls nd we go de demand 4armnesty since na waitn dem want bcus we go help dem burn am finish

  22. Wetin una dey talk like kids wey dey still de breasefeed,why naija student no form union wey encycle all the versities dem and storm Abuja for one week for quick responds by oga Jona. Una no no say non of hin children dey skool for naija? If dey sidon look asuu uno go taya for house.

  23. my own be say, first presido done try settle some of the asuu them dere request, but make em try persuade them 4 make them take shake body. Or beta still make em disolve d group if e go help make we start school again, curse asuu demself no day try.

  24. dats it,4 asuu 2 say even if it taks 2yrs means they no even send us,d tin besay we av ben calm, n asuu nd F.G tak oue future dey learn hw to querel,2mao employees wil bring jobs and say if u r above 25 dnt apply

  25. Na wa oh,9ja ix fucked up!our presido aint wise n clever atall n hez heartless 2 b sincere,if he had kids in ds unis ds strike 4 nor reach 1week,hm n hz stupid bunch of legislators r extorting our money n dey r xaying no money?wah rubbish!ds good4nufin leaders shud knw dah life dosnt end here!

  26. Una yarn well bt d mistake wey una dey make besay assu n fg no get una time again make those wey dey reason 2015 reason well cos that na in 2year time o. Wetin me go tell una be say make una come as one enter street n block all those private uni if na on 2days una if doam e go help. Abeg o say una kn say NYSC go release names of dose wey dey go service fr nov asper batch C say una names go dey inside abi na only those wey dey fr private sch go go camp. We youth dey error no be small we dey allow all dis old men decide fr we. No country go fr fight fr we o na we we go fight fr we self. I greet all men wey don yarn n abeg make we frget the matta say south south pris tins na we future we dey reason fr where. I hail una muscle

  27. g8test 9ja student,its time to take that mind that maks us youth nd future leaders go out becouse its our right and block evrywer until they answer us,our so cald nans nodey even 3y at all

  28. Nawa o! Had it been the youth of nowadays fit get mind as before, i know say things for don change for good… But dee way wey every student jux sidon for house, e no go help oo, Government xef don dey die d mata xef… God dey

  29. bros my own be asuu nd F.G nonescence should stop we knw say him don 3y pass our previous F.G our probs nw is send us back 2skul our future is at stak nd he is d presido

  30. philip nobe every body jst sitdwnooh pple don dey 3y bt we need maximon suport 4rm our student,if we can do it truout d country at once,node 2day unilag,2mao uniport

  31. Teacher:- ”what is 1+1?”
    Children: ”8″
    Teacher: “correct” what is 2+5?
    Children: “14”
    Teacher:- “correct”
    Teacher:- “what is 4+6? Children:”20
    Teacher:-“corr ct, Who is d president of
    Children. Olamide
    Teacher. Correct, Who is d president of
    Children. Tiwa Savage
    Teacher. Correct
    Teacher:- Good infact it’s gonna Remain like
    that until ASUU and FG call of the STRIKE!

  32. choo! Na so una take they juge oga jona infact make i yarn u d koko all this tin wey una the see so no be oga jona fault and make i ask una if u no vote for our able presido na who una wan make he carry the day

  33. Y una dey tretin Preident like dat? How meni of una dey vote sef wen persin no gri hear word again?
    Wetin dey dere b say na awa politicians dey f**k us op..see d kind moni wen dem dey kari go house, d kind women wen dem dey pansh, d kind skul dem chidren dey go.
    Una no no wetin ASUU dey talk. How meni paale n maale fit afod privat skul? Una don see inside d univasiti n were lecturers dey stay + ofices wen dem dey use?
    Cafetaria no dey again, busary scarce like refineri n skolaship no dey again abi na research moni?
    We neva reach to make our moto n plane?
    Plenti mata dey oooo.
    I go vote for oga JONA 4 2015 shap shap.

  34. Guy na u try pass . How I wish say oga presido go read ds ur letter make him for no how e be us. Me ma don forget my matric number slf talk more of wetin I learn for class


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