[Advice Needed] I Helped Him Get Out Of Mess, But He Paid Me Back With Evil. What Should I Do?

images (19)I broke up with my boyfriend 2 days ago. Let me tell you all the story.

We met last year. He’d just broken up with his girlfriend of 2 years on fidelity grounds and I just ended a very toxic relationship of 3 years. We decided to be friends first to see where things would lead to ( as we wouldn’t like to fall into that rebound trap) 2 months later we started dating.

I met him at a very low-point in his life. He had just returned from Port Harcourt where he’d gone for some business and squandered the money his parents gave him for his masters in the US (his parents actually thought he was in the US!) They made peace with him and encouraged him to go for his Youth Service. He bailed camp after 1 week, thereby disrupting his whole service year. His parents then ignored him. So he was basically doing nothing when I met him. Just eating and sleeping at his parents. And that is when I met him.

His parents had some financial crisis at some point and threw him out. They told him he had six younger ones and he who had already had a first class education abroad shouldn’t end up being a liability to them. So he ended up moving from one friend’s house to the other. And after a day or two, they’d tell him to leave. At some point, he had to sleep in his
car at night. Since we were already dating then, and I loved him. I took up his complete care as he didn’t have a dime, encouraged him to get a job. Even help him look. But since he hadn’t served, that was hard. I pulled in all my resources and got a decent self contain for him. Went to retrieve my university furnishing and used it there. Made sure he never
lacked anything. Gave him money. Cooked for him did lot’s of stuff for him.

I believed his situation was temporary and all he needed was to focus. He was good to me too. And never forgot to say how much he loved me. I never for once rubbed it in his face that he was dependent on me. I never cheated on him. Really really loved him.

The family finances became what it used to be, and he kept saying he would never go back to his parents and beg. I thought It was a good idea. I encouraged him to be completely independent from them financially for self respect but have a good relationship with them and visit them always.

He reunited with them 2 months ago. His Dad wants to set him up with a car dealership. wants him to move to Lagos for that. I was happy for him. We’d already planned how we’d commute to and fro Lagos to Abuja every other week.
I went to see him on Monday, took his phone and saw a chat he was having with his ex. He claimed he was still single and we wanted her back. He told her they were meant to be together forever. I confronted him. He was dumb struck. I broke up with him and left immediately.

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