[Advice Needed]: Would He Leave His First Girlfriend For Me? I Am Confused!

lonelyI’m a 21 year old girl dating a guy who is 28 years of age. We’ve been together for more than a year now and at the beginning when we started dating he told me that he has a girlfriend. I didn’t want that to stop me because I loved him and I still do. We’re still together and the good thing about it is that his girlfriend stays far away from him. So I get to spend more time with him. He treats me so good and he’s always telling me that he loves me, that I’m a very respectful, honest woman and that he’s allowed to marry two wives according to his culture. What worries me is that I keep on asking myself if he’s with me because he really loves me or because his girlfriend stays far away. I’ve tried moving on but trust me he gets very angry and jealous when I do that. What should I do?? I love this guy and I really don’t want to lose him. Every time the girlfriend is around, I make sure that I don’t call or text him because I don’t want him to think that I want to break them up intentionally, but on the other hand I get jealous knowing that she’s with him. Could it be possible that he’s in love with both us or am I being used as a substitute?

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  • De young never luvd ds last lady, she should leave ds young man and look 4 her own man. If de real lady discove she will make problem, u are a substitute if not so why must it be when his lady is a way. Quiet d relationship now 4 ur good. Thanks.

  • Thats understatement Mr prince. Why must u say she’s a prostitute. Are u saying with everythn sey says, u dnt generate anytn feeling at. If u know what love is, u wouldnt have said dat. There is nothing back loving a guy like dat,just make sure u plaz ur part so dat ppl around would see a faithful heart in u. Since u said he makes u happy nd he does nt hide anytn abt his past. If truely u love hin like u said, dnt look at d other girl side. Watever he says or does wil judge wheather he loves u or not. Dont be depressed. Its gud to be in love. GOOD DAY.

  • My Dear,use your tongue to count your teeth.There are a lot of Single men out there looking for love.I advice you find one for yourself instead of wasting ur time on someone who has already found his coz believe me as far as this guy is concerned evryfin about you comes Last for him.he expects you to have a serious relationship by the side coz what both of u are just having with each other is fun nothing else.i just hope it wont already be late by the time reality dawns on you.

  • My dear knowing fully well dat u re ur man’s number 2 woman is killing enof,he told u in his tradition he can marry 2 which means he even plans to marry his 1st girl,ok wat if after marrying her he comes back 2 say his family won’t allow him marry anoda by then u will be left alone,it’s an easy tin cos it’s like u re been asked to enter a burning building knowning well u will get hurt without been told,so nw dat its early just do d rite tin cos u re still very much young n full of life & of course put urself in d other lady’s shoes,hw wld u feel….

  • my babe abeg b wise dis guy na liar. one thing u sud knw is dat no human being can eva love 2 persons equally, so my dear b wise.

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