Amaechi, New PDP Behind Lingering ASUU Strike – Wike

Amaechi-WikeThe Minister of State for Education, Chief Nyesom Wike has accused Governor Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers State and his cohorts in the new Peoples’ Democratic Party, nPDP, of being behind the prolonged strike by the Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU.

Wike, who spoke through the Secretary-General of the Grassroots Development Initiative, GDI, Samuel Nwanosike, also called on well-meaning Nigerians to call Gov. Amaechi to order and stop embarrassing people of Rivers State.

The minister was reacting to a statement credited to Amaechi that rather than focus on the strike embarked upon by ASUU, and recently ASUP, he (Wike) was busy gallivanting campaigning for his governorship ambition.

The Rivers governor, who spoke through the Chief of Staff, Government House, Port Harcourt, Chief Tony Okocha, said: “ASUU members have been on strike for over three months. ASUP members decided to resume their suspended strike over Federal Government’s insincerity and inability to honour the agreement signed with the union. Is it not shameful that the Federal Government signed an agreement with ASUU in 2009 and yet to fully implement the terms?

“Whether ASUU and ASUP members are on strike for one year, is not Wike’s business. He is gallivanting all over Rivers State for his 2015 governorship campaign and using President Jonathan as a smokescreen”, he stated.

But Wike debunked the allegation, saying the people of Rivers State were very proud of President Goodluck Jonathan, not because his wife, Dame Patience, hails from Okrika in the state just as he insisted that whether Amaechi likes it or not, the president would be re-elected in 2015, in view of his “impressive” performance.

Nwanosike said: “Wike is not campaigning for 2015. GDI is doing thanksgiving and inauguration at the ward and LGA levels. GDI is a socio-political organisation to promote good governance and not a political party.

“Chief Wike is very successful as a minister of state for education and he is trying his best as the supervising minister of education to resolve the strike by ASUU and ASUP. Amaechi and his cohorts are behind the strike, because of their political interest, to embarrass President Jonathan, who is transforming Nigeria.

“Whether Amaechi and his co-travellers like it or not, President Jonathan will be overwhelmingly re-elected in 2015.”

The Minister of State for Education added that Amaechi, who is also the Nigeria Governors Forum, NGF, chairman was busy deceiving Rivers people, alleging that the government’s poorly-constructed roads in Port Harcourt, the state capital and other parts of the state had become an eyesore, in spite of the huge allocations to the state.

-The Nation


  1. Its a shame that ths so-called education minister is shift blames instead of trying to solve the problem at hand. I can’t remember gov Rotimi A being an ASUU member.

  2. Dont insult wike,it is not suprising,i had long thought there was a conpiracy behing the ASUU strike!this is Nigeria,there is more to every uproar in this country than what meets the eye!

  3. The interest of Nigeria as a state should lie ahead and not this political mimic of Rivers State power tussle. Call off and let Nigerian students get back to school. This is a clarion call!

  4. So unfortunate… .! The Federal government should fulfil their own part of the agreement with ASUU and stop shifting blames.

  5. Wike should just bury his head in shame. Nigerians know better. He’s only using lies to hide his weakness. Gov. Ameachi cannot stoop that low to do such. If wike could hire touts to cast stones on Amaechi’s visitors at the PH airpORT and still denied ever involved in it, then we cannot believe his lies…
    My advise to wike is to leave Gov. Amaechi alone to complete his good works in Rivers state , stop creating enemity between Amaechi and Jonathan whom Amaechi ensure a 100% victory in Rivers state for and focus on his job as the coordinating minister of education , ensure that the ASUU imbriglio with the Federal Government is amicably resolved and the students return to school to face their studies and find a way to revamp the stinking and rotten educational sector and have his name engraved in gold .

  6. The co-ordinating minister for education is surely an imbessile…..Instead of him to focus on how to bring d strike to an end,,he is busy putting d blame on others and telling us Pres. Jonathan will win the 2015 elections…what a tragedy…IDIOTS!!

  7. So suprise he actually said that… What concerns ASUU with so called nPDP? Was there nPDP when FG signed agreement with ASUU in 2009? I suggest ASUU go to court and finalise all.

  8. that wike is an idiot did ameachi ask FG to enter agreement with asuu? did ameachi said they should not implement those agreement? the blood of students and nysc members killed in 2011 election because of jonathan will draw you wike and jonathan dowm

  9. is Gov. Amaechi an asuu member?, was he there when the federal govt. Signed the agreement by 2009, since the federal govt has fall short of the agreement they signed which means the pressident and his cacus should be blamed nt Amaechi.

  10. Wike must be an imbessile truly. Was Amaechi the one who signed the agreement on behalf of the Federal government or his (Wike) boss Jonathan. Wike must be stupid to think Nigerians are fools to believe all the thrash he is telling us (Nigerians), because he is incompetent and should bury his head in shame. In civilized countries, the likes of Wike must have resigned long ago for failing in carrying out their duties or must have been boothed out by their employers. He is just being lucky for being a thug in Nigeria.

  11. People just go about insulting their leaders like kids without home training. Its not a new thing that this Strike was political. Out of 11 demands 10 have been met except one is it worth holding students from going to schools? Instead you hear NLC,NUC and others who are core opposition trying to join the strike without referring any solutions to it. Let’s think about the happenings around the Nations every troubles we are having now are being sponsored by opposition. Governor Amaechi is cable of such to does who really know him from Rivers State. UST went for strike for many months about their VC did he do any thing? Even when he asked all interested candidates to seat for exams his candidate failed and came forth but was still retained till date. Investigate before reacting to comments. Don’t sale your conscience for piece of naira that would end in the bank and you start abusing the presidency and FG. Let’s always think of what we can offer to the Nation and not what our benefits are ok? Nigeria will be better if we all act positive.

  12. Even our Lord Jesus Christ knows that there are only very few Wise Ones with multitudes of Foolish Ones and that why He said ” Many are called but few are chosen” And then He buttress the Difference between the Wise and Foolish virgins. Nigeria is country without ”CHOSEN LEADERS” but people foistered on the Masses. And we should not expect anymore! Many leading Us are ”PURE ANIMALS” in Human clothing.

  13. Governor ameachi you’ve succeded in infiltrating ASUU with Rivers state’s funds,now you want to use their funds again to sponsor NLC to go on strike again,try ameachi time will tell.

    • @ cleden if dat is true of amechie den we need him 2 use the bigger resources of nig 2 influece things. shamless pple who can not perform but just excuses and passing blames noncencessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  14. With unalloyed respect to your Office ; Mr minister please such statement is un-called for simply popularizing Ameachi and his cohorts perharps you are telling Nigerians that Ameachi and coy is more powerful than Federal government…….please wise-up. You can always come up With your plan B if A fails and be focus i wish you Success in Office

  15. It’s possible dat Ameachi may be involved but I don’t want to believe that, for me ooo I don’t kw who to blame because FG are not playing their part well and also ASUU is a very corrupt body if FG releases the money dey asked for, abt 50 to 70% will be shared among themselves, since dey have been going for strike what can dey burst of that dey have achieved. As they are wasting our time and delaying our future plans and goals God will pay them back, their children children will pay for dis whosoever is behind dis


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