Are You A Picky, Choosy Woman !!!

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Are you way the woman who is way too pickywhen it comes to guys? Take this quiz to know if that’s true

Women can go nuts about their options andchoices. And why not, they undoubtedly deserve the best. But are you the woman who is never satisfied with anyone who locks their eyes with yours; be it the ‘Giulio Berruti’ look-alike with a heart of gold or the hot six packed man who is quite a charmer? Are you picky, choosy and still never satisfied with the man you get? Answer these questions to know.

That hotty at office decides asks you out on a date. You say yes, but while he shows up at your door, he neither has his own hot wheels nor does he come with a bunch of red roses. You…
A. are uninterested throughout the date and decide to delete his number once you’re back home.
B. don’t really bother about the car or the roses provided he’s been a darling at the date.

It’s your third date and this guy has not held your hand, kíssed you or even touched you while trying to brush that hair off your face. You…
A. dump him thinking, d’uh, he ain’t a man of actions.
B. are waiting for this to go somewhere, so don’t mind waiting for him to make the first move.

He picks a day for a date with you, and helps elevate your expectations for a fun filled time. But unfortunately, his boss replaces a colleagues name with his for an important meeting.
A. You are quite a fuming chimney already. Nothing doing, you’re not willing to hear him out at all.
B. You are sad, a little angry too (but at his boss). You can’t wait for another plan that doesn’t cancel like this one did.

He’s given you a fragrance that is worth a lot, you both lunched an a la carte, and now you’re looking forward to the night. But he has to get back home, because he’s got to take his mom shopping.
A. You think he’s a wuss, and refuse to pick up his call again, because he spoilt a night you both could have remembered.
B. You think he’s a sweetheart because he takes his mother shopping, very unlike a man
of today.

You’ve bought that lingerie no man can refuse on his woman. And you are well-assured you’ll be in charge of the night. But once he is back from work at your apartment, he is too busy working on that office presentation.
A. You step into your living room and jarred the door because you’re not willing to be with a man who just doesn’t want to have a wild night.
B. You fold up that lingerie back in your wardrobe and decide to help him with work before you get that beauty sleep.

You are fond of this guy, but not very fond of his sense of style. You…
A. Jump on any given opportunity to give him a cue on dressing and your secret plan is to give his wardrobe a complete makeover.
B. Don’t really mind but yes, do let him know if you don’t like what he is wearing.

When you voice out the reasons why you broke up with the guy you were ‘kinda’ seeing, your friends reactions are…
A. Are you serious, that is a pretty lame excuse to break up with someone.
B. Well, you’ve given him enough opportunities. Thank god its over.

If most of your answers are:
A. You are Mis-Judgement (literally). Your standards seem never to lower, and well trust us, your standards way above your league too. Give it some rest, lady. If you ever want to date that is.
B. *Applause* We like how you deal with your men. It is nice to see a woman so mature and smart. How we wish you get a man who treats you great too.

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