ASUU Strike: MAN Urges FG To Find A Lasting Solution


President of the Muslim Association of Nigeria, (MAN), Alhaji Sulayman Yusuf, has called on the Federal Government to bring a lasting solution to the protracted strike embarked upon by the Academic Staff union of Universities (ASUU) and the Nigeria Medical Association (NMA).

He also charged the striking Unions to come to terms with the government so as to restore credibility to the country educational system and ensure safety of lives.

“MAN is not happy with these strikes. Our schools and hospitals are paralyzed; what kind of graduates do we intend to produce if our ivory towers remain locked? What message are we passing on to the international community? Nigerians will be sidelined for international job because our graduates would be considered half-baked. People are dying because doctors are not on ground to attend to them. We need to show love and mutual understanding to one another. The parties involved should provide long term solutions to these crises as soon as possible.”

Yusuf also called on the Boko Haram sect to sheath their swords and imbibe the good culture which Islam is noted for.

He said: “We request that Boko Haram reach a ceasefire agreement with Federal government. If we show love to one another, it would help check insecurity in the country.


  1. As far as I am concern even if N100tr is released and universities revitalized, it will not make any difference with the type of lazy and incompetent lecturers we have these days who uses the same lecture note for 20yrs without any improvement because they don’t do research, some of them re not even computer literate an as such cannot make use of the the internet for research activities. It is a big shame to them. As they long to make the universities world class, they should also make themselves world class researchers and lecturers this is the only thing that can compliment government efforts and give value to our certificates. They should learn from their counterparts in the other parts of the world. At least they should watch discivery channels and see how their counterparts in other parts of the world embark on research in their respective areas of specialization


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