ASUU Strike Will Be Over ‘In A Few Months’


Nigerian students were yesterday assured by the Federal Government that the protracted strike by the Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, would be over in a few months.

Minister of Education, Mr Nyesom Wike stated this at the anniversary lecture of National Universities Commission, NUC, in Abuja.

Represented by the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Dr. Macjohn Nwaobiala, the minister reiterated the Federal Government’s commitment to resolving the ongoing strike.

“The Federal Government is very concerned about the state of public tertiary institutions in the country. The Federal Government is really worried about the ongoing strike of ASUU and the strike would be resolved in a few months,” Wike said.

In his paper presentation titled, ‘Turbulent and Testing Times for Global Higher Education: Lessons for Nigeria’, Professor John Daniel said “online teaching and learning is now part of the future of most universities. Nigeria should be very good at this because without embarrassing you by pressing the point, I note that your country, through 419 scams, is a world leader in the use of the internet for less desirable purposes.”

According to him, higher education all over the world is facing lot of challenges that included youth unemployment and the current changes in the university system.

“These are indeed turbulent times, not only for United States of America but also for much of higher education globally,” he said.

In his goodwill message, a former Executive Secretary of NUC, Professor Jubril Munzali, noted that the education sector has been underfunded for 21 years, with the significant increase in the funding of tertiary institutions being done over time, through the struggle of ASUU.

He blamed the Federal Government for the lingering crisis rocking the nation’s university system.

According to him, it is high time the Federal Government listened to its agencies and allow NUC perform its statutory role and fund universities based on the advice of its agencies like NUC.

“Successive administrations in the country never paid adequate attention to university education,” Munzali said.


  1. Hmm! I wondered how our leaders are rulings us, Asuu had been seekin for just 5OO millions for over 5months,and the government bougth 300 million worth of 2 cars for a person within a week.infact is redicule

  2. The FG is saying that, ASUU strike has been politicise bt com to think of it, why is FG still talking abt renegotiation? Why didn’t made an additional offer to the amnt arldy available? Hw many times hav mr president met with asuu leaders? Our higher education is not handled with much respect. It is sad on part of we de students bt time is alrdy wasted and returning to class without additional offer will be a non-gainable waste on our part. Since the word “politics” exist, our politicians hav abused the word totally. If FG is ready to take higher edu. to de next level, it shouln’t hav been initiating the word politics in asuu strike. I am a student bt FG is not fair at all. FG made the first mistake at the start of this strike. Pls, mr president come to humble ursef and take a GODLY aproch. ASUU strike shud hav been ova if fg showed fairness frm its start. God save us.

  3. They are now saying that the stirke will end in a few months, after how many months???? Who are they fooling???
    They don’t plan any future for the youths or the country as a whole, only to enrich their pockets!!!!!!!!

  4. I wish this post can b posted… Every leaders involved in Asuu strike delayin T̶̲̥̅̊h̶̲̥̅̊e̶̲̥̅̊ future of sooo many Nigeria students will not lv to see T̶̲̥̅̊h̶̲̥̅̊e̶̲̥̅̊ fruits of his labour… Their children will know no peace and will never reach their destiny… The leaders will mourn over their children and their generation shall be wiped off.. To all the foolish leaders concerned with Asuu strike…

  5. Why didn’t ASUU in the name of God time this strike? Why now? It is a good fight but they should have waited for GEJ to declare his second term Opinion. They should have waited. Gosh!!!!!!

    What the fuck did u mean by few months? It means GEJ is not going to act so fast again after over 100days?
    Posterity will judge. You may be thinking that it won’t affect you, your children and grandchildren will suffer for this pain you are giving us. Its not important u implement the whole agreement. Stop pleading. All u do is pleading. Why not negotiating on a very good term? They’ll accept your terms Mr. President if its favorable. Well, God is watching…..

  6. sincereli wer ar tayad of dis strike. we kno fully well dat d FG nd AASU ar less concerned abt d students at ome wen deir children are abroad. der are sme students dat jst finishd secondary skul at ome nw dat deir parents cnt afford private nd dey ar soooo sad knowing dat dey wud stil av to stay mre at ome wen d strike ends cos deir oda seniors in d uni wud finish deir semesters b4 dey resume d FG nd AASU shud plssss consider we students ooo nd if u take awa comments as nfin God Dey ooo :-(

  7. I wonder when some students will start reasoning wt their head. Imagine stupid comments made by some jackasses.
    I’m 100% in support of Asuu even if the strike will consume a year.
    If u ask 100 nigerian students’ that ‘do they want to study abroad?
    Certainly the answer will be 99.9% assured. Then ask them why?
    They will say “because of gud learning atmosphere,availability of education resources e.t.c”
    Then if that should be the case, why dnt u support their crusaide 4 the betterment of education in Nigeria
    THINK AGAIN,my fellow students

  8. I think it is high time the youths of this country go beyond believing and hoping to taking their destinies that are being toyed with in their hands and send a message to our so called leaders at all levels. What does he mean by in a few months when the strike is in its fourth month?

    I seriously beg all the youths out there to stand up and do something nasty, we re being toyed with because we seems not to know how to demand for our right, remember even the bible say “ONLY THE VIOLENT TAKETH IT BY FORCE”, I position is simple, let us revolt, it is the ultimate sacrifice we have to make for the betterment of this country that have been so used and abused by our leaders and we are being taken for granted, I think enough is enough should be our message and our actions should say the rest. We are being foolish hiding in our shells and doing nothing, YOUTHS ARISE AND FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS” life does not give you what u deserve but what u demand, that is the same with our government. Why be afraid of dead when we have been dying afterall. Do u know how many lives this strike has taken and how many more it will take? This country was given to us by the brevity of our heroes past, where is the ALUTA SPIRIT?

    • I totally agree with you my friend,its high time Nigerian students stand up and protest, the only solution to this problem is for the students to organize a National Protest,when the FG sees this they’ll attend to asuu’s demands quickly and the strike will be called off within one week,In a nudgeshell we the student of Nigerian public universities must organise a National Protest,this is the only way out.

  9. FEW MONTHS again!….God’ll never forgive u pple dat called urself Federal Govt! I know and i’m believing that you’re gonna pay for it, your children and ur children’s children even up to the SEVENTH GENERATION! In jesus name. Amen.

  10. FEW MONTHS again, after FOUR MONTHS!
    How can the FG be so COWARD! Somebody tell me. What is the usefulness and significance of the SENATE? What’s their economic importance? If Nigeria says she’s broke, then let them dismantle the senate and save precious money been paid to these OLD PAPAs and direct it towards education!

  11. A few mnths agn wow!!dis z hilarious..asuu myt b fytin 4 d gud of studnts as dy claim,buh let us also tel ourslves d truth,both d FG nd ASUU r dishonest,so ASUU shld stp claimin dis deir self righteousness..wld FG answrin dm stp dm 4rm forcin studnts 2 buy txtbks dat r worthless or wld it stp dm 4rm cmin 2 klass thrice in a whole semester nd dn gv exam questions dat d studnts hvnt even learnt or wld it stp dm 4rm pickn on innocent studnts who dared 2 question deir dcisions..Two wrongs neva made a rights,so as intellectuals Asuu shld stp dis dia gra gra nd go bk and teach nd use oda means of gtn wot dy wnt..Gudluck has done wot he can do, Asuu shld also shift their ground too…if dy r waitn 4 500 million,it means dat it cn only b gotten afta dy’v written d national budget 4 nxt yr,nxt yr tins..Nigerian studnts we go nid fight,we r dyin in our silence,even wen God gave us lips 2 speak out

  12. wht a rubbish in few months tym afta spendn close 2 4 months @ home, dat few months might be october nx yr who knws. infact i prophesy dat dere will be a plane crash carrying most of our leaders nd no 1 will survived it. AMEN

  13. Nigeria stds wia re we headin to…few months afta spendin almost 4 months.infact dis’s a big punishmt on d part of d stds afterall,we have courts n even have lawyers amidst asuu,so why cant dey carry fg to court based on d agreemt in oda 2 get dia verdit frm a law court.God pls cum 2 our aid cos the stds in nigeria secular universities are suffering we’re only looking up you God.

  14. strike in other country do not last for more than 24hours,because they indeed no the negative implication which is ofcourse setback to the university and lots more;i wonder why the university will embark on a strike that wil last long as this,keeping innocent youths at home,making them indulge themselves in an unusual activities like stealing,yahoo yahoo to make a student and i no the habit of students when we dont have money.pls and pls MR PRESSIDENT settle asuu we want to return back to school.

  15. Can’t believe what my eyes r seeing….few effing months after 4 months….d guy is barbaric fool….what does d idiot know…i wish I have d power to blow all dese rulers up….they deserve to be in d zoo,they think like moron,they need to b thrown in abyss ….these madafuckers r dead…who d hell do they think they r to delay us….to me they nothing buh bunch of animals….bastards

  16. Few month or few days,u must be joking mr wike.these useless poeple don’t care about us, they are there to embezzle the country’s money,i won’t blame u ur children are not affected.God will punish u for that.useless ppl

  17. ASUU strike supposed to be settled, if we consider of the time that we (student) are westing, most of us are doing nothing, no school, no work to do, and I am glad to say we all forgort which topic we stopped, so please mr. President and ASUU solve the problem and called off the strike please….

  18. The universities of my forefathers have gone on strike over the failure of my forefathers to implement the agreement they willingly entered with universities in 2009. The agreement was signed by the then minister of education madam,mrs. Mother, doctor, wife Oduar Okonjoiweala Ezekwesili in October 2009, till date, the agreement is yet to be implemented, while hungry aviation ministers re busy buying bullet proof cars worth 1.55 million naira. They should return the cars and use the money to fund the public tertiary institutions that have been at home close to four months now. Okonjo Iweala said there was no money to pay ASUU but when it was time to buy bullet proof cars for the minister of air plane crashes, who calls herself Steller Oduar, the money that would have shurt down governance if given to ASUU came out. Isn’t it better that ASUU officials embezzle the money than a bleaching minister who is not doing anything but only specializes in air plane crashes to embezzle it?

  19. Baba God go save….buh the students affected by asuu should hlp demselves…if we don’t com out n protest..we should go to any airport were dat mr president wil land n we shud protest n curse him…wit is foolish minister dere is a strike going on in ur country u are out wasting millions or billions of naira in isreal…may all Nigeria leaders roit in hell…die in plane crash…be killed in car accident…heart attack wil be dere portion inshaallah….let stand up Nigeria youth n protest n dat stupid nans president wil neva graduate til he will die….Amen

  20. Fg pls, luk unto it nd see, is’nt the matter of calling off d strike, is the matter of honouring 2009 agreement for infracstructure of universities. To become a best leader is when u train smone else to be greater than u, that make u a good leader. Wat do i mean, i mean making ur children to hve a conducieve enviroment for learning.