Beverly Osu: “I See Myself As A Messenger Of God”


*Coughs* This is what Beverly said in a recent interview. The model and former  BBA contestant said she sees herself as a messenger of God.

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I attended Daughters of Divine Love Convent, Enugu State. I thought I would be a reverend sister but I abandoned the vision when I dropped out in my fifth year. I finished my secondary education in a secular institution before moving to Babcock University.

I could not finish from Babcock because I had some personal issues. Again, I dropped and enrolled at the National Open University..It affected me in a very spiritual way. In as much as I know worldly things, I still fear God and have faith in Him.

The reason why I wanted to become a nun was because I was raised in a Catholic home. I just felt it was the best thing for me to do at that time. I used to see myself as a messenger of God. Even though I did not become a nun, I still remain faithful to God. Part of my dreams is to establish a church and do a lot of charity work”

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