Boko Haram Will Soon Be A Thing Of The Past – Pastor Chris

The Senior Pastor and General Overseer of Mountain of Liberation and Miracle Ministry, aka Liberation City, Dr Chris Okafor, has assured Nigerians that the menace of Boko Haram will be a thing of the past.

The man of God disclosed this recently, while speaking on Nigeria’s 53rd Independence Day celebration held few days ago.

He urged Nigerians to ensure a peaceful coexistence among themselves so as to move the country forward. He further said that if citizens of the country can imbibed the spirit of unity and brotherliness in them, the country will be peaceful and the issue of insurgence will be passed experience.

The fast-rising prophet also advised government to start listening to the advice of spirit-filled men of God for direction, adding that it is the only way those in governance can get things right.

‘The oracle of God’, as he is fondly called, also remarked that prayer is what Nigeria needs to overcome the present predicament faced by the country.

In a related development, Prophet Okafor used his special service, which coincided with the end of the annual Liberation Fire Crusade, to empower some widows as part of the church monthly widow empowerment programme.


  • yes now it is time for you people to call it up becouse you have finish destroying the north.this so called boko haram ware nothing morethan a christian sect called BAZATA, their jobs were for many years to infiltrate the muslims and cause division among them.they are all over.mainly trained in egypt and the vatican. maitatsine the notorious who cause havoc in kano in the 80a was a vatican trained.please ask professor dauda ojobe former CAN secretary for more details

    • @ Sarowiwa or whatever you are called. Even the Bible says a house divided against itself cannot stand. You are one of those ‘Abokis’, mugu and a stark illiterate. You are a member of Boko Haram and God will deal with cowards like you. Why don’t you also accuse the Christian body of establishing Alkida, Alshabab, Hezbolah, and other Islamic terrorist groups scattered all over the world. Mugu like you.

  • Its clear Jews and Christian are in force against Islamic Countries. All World crisis ended in Muslim which Christian converts are coursing to Islam to demision the its image

  • Its clear Jews and Christian are in force against Islamic Countries such as Alshabab,
    Hezbolah, and other Islamic
    terrorist groups to end Muslim which Christian converts are taking the mission it the same in Nigeria

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