Borno: Boko Haram, Troops Clash In Mosque Leaves 20 Dead

soildiers-bokoharam_500Boko Haram Islamists claimed five lives in an attack on a mosque in northeast Nigeria over the weekend, before they were repelled by soldiers, who killed 15 of the insurgents, the military said in a statement Sunday.

The latest attack by the extremist group, which has been waging an insurgency campaign since 2009, struck on Saturday morning at Damboa town in Borno state, the group’s stronghold.

“The terrorists attacked worshippers in a mosque and killed five of them, who came to perform their morning prayers,” said the military’s statement quoting Captain Aliyu Ibrahim Danja, army spokesman for the region.

“They also set ablaze the official residence and palace of the District Head along with some shops.

“While they were unleashing their mayhem, troops under 7 Division engaged the terrorists, killing 15 in the process while others fled in disarray”, the statement read.



  1. Who are these Boko Haram? I doubt if they are truely muslims.. What’s wrong in Nigeria? We need a special divine intervention from almighy God..

  2. Boko Haram will do more than what we α̲̅я̩ε̲̣ seeing&hearing. More α̲̅я̩ε̲̣ coming from them. The north deserve what they α̲̅я̩ε̲̣ experiencing from this deadly group. Our leaders encouraged Almajiri system instead of educating them. The south was busy sending their children to school, we in the north were busy sending our kids to beg on the streets. This is the result we α̲̅я̩ε̲̣ getting for encouraging Almajiri system(street begging)


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