Confessions Of A Captured Insurgent: “Most Boko Haram Members Cannot Leave For Fear Of Being Killed”

boko-haramMalam Bukar Modu, a detained Boko Haram member, said that the sect had nothing to do with Islam, as it was mainly involved in armed banditry, looting and killing of innocent people.

Modu, who was captured on Oct. 6 after the sect’s early morning attack on Muslim worshippers in Damboa, Borno, said this in Maiduguri on Saturday.

He told newsmen that the sect succeeded in attacking innocent people during their operations.

“We went on a mission to attack people in Damboa on Oct. 6, a few days to the last Sallah celebration.

“We shot many people but I was also shot in the leg during the operation; I later became unconscious.

“My people took me away at the end of the operation but they decided to dump me in a nearby bush because they thought I was dead.

“I regained my consciousness in the morning before I was apprehended by security agents, who provided food for me and took care of my bullet wounds,” he said.

Modu said that he was recruited into the sect by his cousin about a year ago.

“He used to keep his gun in our compound in Maiduguri. One day, he said that he was not comfortable with me being outside the sect because I knew all his secrets.

“He gave me two options: to either join the sect or be killed; so, I had no other option than to join the sect”, he said.

Modu said that he was given an “express training” on the handling of AK 47 rifle as soon as he joined the sect.

“We were always given orders to attack individuals without questioning until we finally relocated to Marte in Marte Local Government Area of Borno during the middle of this year,” he said.

Modu said that his group comprised about 150 militants, who took refuge in a nearby bush after the military invasion of Marte camp.

“We were kept in the bush by our commanders; sometimes, we survived on filthy water because we did not have access to safe water and we barely had something to eat,” he said.

Modu said that most of the “foot soldiers” of the Boko Haram sect had wanted to abscond but they could not do so because of the fear of being caught and executed.

“Our commanders usually conduct roll-calls on a daily basis to prevent anybody from running away; once you are caught, the penalty is death”, he said.

Modu said that many “foot soldiers”, who tried to escape at the camp, were summarily executed.

“Any time we carry out an attack in a place, we steal food, drugs, money and everything we need.

“Sometimes, I feel guilty of committing crimes against God but our commanders always tell us that it is God’s work that we are doing.

“It is a terrible thing to be a member of  the sect but many foot soldiers like me cannot leave for fear of being killed,’’ Modu added. (NAN)


  1. ds guy was mentioning foot-soldier,I’m afraid for d way ds guy sounds,like,they ve Air-force and Navy too.They should ask him about ds too.I pray,the whole nation isn’t sitting on a gun-powder

  2. Mine enerst prayer is dat God in his fury/wrath will decend terribly on dis SECT called BOKO HARAM n deliver his children frm deir operatn.SAY AMEN

  3. Glory be to God for this one.
    Thier leader must definetly be working for an element ( Local or foriegn) and being paid for doing this. After all, they said we shall split by 2015. This same ppl that give harm and fund to terrorist in Libya and now Syria.

    We all know the tactic, cause religious conflict by killing the xtian and even more muslim.
    The question is who benefit from all these as it provides opportunity to surge our budget on secutity spend and avenue to force usbtp some terms i.e international military base.

  4. My advice is those caught should be treated well and use them to preach 24/7 via local radio nework to others still in the sect

  5. My advice is federal govt should fear almighty GOD and put a full stop to this bloodshed everyday innocent souls are dying NIGERIANS do u think GOD is sleeping? NO do u think if any of their child is killed the story will still be the same? I think NIGERIANS are wise ENGH IS ENGH

  6. Does anyone remember Poke Toholo? Want to stay alive? Couldn’t the real reason behind all these attacks be to instill terror in our minds? Scare us with death? Then use the Toholo tactic to exhort money from the rich while using Islam as a cover??? I mean, if one is rich, and is approached by BH to give money, will he refuse especially if the alternative is death? Our Govt should be proactive, gather Intel by infiltrating BH, and stop announcing whenever they have ‘small’ victories. Put a stop to this madness, period!

  7. BH is not Islam and Islam is not BH. But 99% of BH practice islam, am sure they r nt xtian.

    I just wish that Allah and Jesus never exist.

  8. Cheekin or what ever your name is,mind your language,because it seems you are dumb and stupid!if god doesn’t exits who are are u to exits?don you have respect even for the one you call your god?shame on you,I wish I never come across your stupid comment!

  9. Killing them will not help the situation.they should use them to get to the rest.the way we behave in Nigeria isn’t the best way to go about it.let’s act smart


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