1. She is nt a serious person hw does she think that after exposing her boobs nd buttocks to the view of the public then she will be expecting a man to come nd marry her. Its only an irresponsible man dat can do dat. She better go to God nd ask for forgiveness before its too late for her. Nonsense

  2. I’m surprised with your comments miss sandra. Why shld you call a man who proposes to her irresponsible? If these prostitutes do not find husbands,dont you think the devil’s going to get a whole train full of….? Perhaps,when your husband becomes a victim of seduction,you’ll get to understand my words.

  3. Cossy, You could be a very sweet lady and so many men still wants to marry you.
    Please, please and please, it is enough, relax, this is the time. Get married and build up your family.
    You have already got enough fame in whichever way they were acquired to propel you in your carrier.
    Moving ahead in this same direction which could later be referred to as your old way of life will surely land you in doom. The end will be so devastating, that you will definitely wished you were not born.
    I could see you a very happy lady in the hands of a lovely man as your husband, only if you could withdraw now and live a more decent life.
    It will not take much long if you heed to this advice and I wish you good luck.

  4. The truth is that most women are worse than cossy. My candid advise to Cossy and as many ladies who fly in the same feather as she does to embrace christ and believe that eternal life cannot be gained from the fame one acquires in this world, but with christ taking the center stage of your life, the breast you showed to the public will become a thing of the past and your life will be made new. Form the habit of reading the bible and you will see something new happening in your life. 2 corinthians 5:17.