Deliverance video: Jim Iyke Replies His Critics On Twitter


You know, i must say i am a little bit surprised about Jim Iyke’s reaction to his critics over the internet. Normally, Jim Iyke would be raving and screaming, trying to lynch someone, but he isn’t.

I pray that this SCOAN deliverance has really worked for him ooooh.

Anyways, below is how Jim Iyke responded to his critics, read his tweets: –

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  • I wonder what the stress is all about just bcos an entertainment star went for deliverance. Can being a star envelope someone from the devil or demons. Its high time we accept the fact that celebrities are no super beings than you and I. Majority of them have big holes down there sleeves and of course they must find solutions to their raging storms like every one of us. Please live Jim alone and rejoice with him for finding solution to what used to be a reproach in his life.

  • What’s the big deal in someone going for a deliverance? Shame on all those making a big deal out of dis cos many of you shed secret tears day in, day out. The guy took a bold step, swallowed his pride and went to get a solution to his problems and all of a sudden deliverance became a big deal? Abeg make una leave him jare, its his personal life. I’ve always loved and respected him. Now I love him even more.

  • Am so disappointed in all dis celebs dat runs dia mouth tin pride n jealousy does to a man is dat it turns his wisdom into foolishness leading him to destruction without him kwin. jim… Hold on to ur salvation u deserve it… N may God gv u d grace to stay on it..

  • i don’t see anything wrong with what this man doing is right for his life, where talking what is happen with is life and he can take any step to solve is problem, i hope is nt concern any body.

  • Wise men seek God n jim iyke is of them. Jim we are proud of u,God loves u broda. Don’t mind them their problm is pride,n pride is of d devil………

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