Easy Tips For a Tidy Kitchen

images (7)When something feels inviting we tend to sense the gravitational pull towards it. The desire to be a part of it. A sense of serenity, if you will…even if it is, only, your kitchen. A kitchen, for me, is the place to go to relax. The dishes I prepare for my family are like art work. Like most pieces of art, a clean canvas is what you need to start with. Maybe you see the kitchen as more of a work space, an office. Either way, being organized is the key to getting the job done.

Below are several tips on how to maintain an inviting kitchen:

Combine things that belong together ie: spices, teas, coffee etc.

Keeping these items together makes them easy to find. I highly recommend a “salt pig” for easy-to-get-to every day seasonings. You can also consider turning your microwave into a “Lazy Susan” because really, that’s the only purpose it should serve in the kitchen (that’s another article in the works.)
Use see-through or labeled containers to store things.

This keeps things looking uniform and let’s you know when it’s time to replace items, as well as sealing in the freshness. Be sure to also have on hand: enough storage for leftovers and storing produce throughout the week. Dispose of anything you haven’t used in 6 months or more. It’s just disgusting at this point and needs to go.

Make sure all appliances/kitchen tools are in working order, especially the ones used daily. This will make it more likely for you to prepare meals that require the use of these appliances, e.g., a vita-mix, kitchen aid tools, sharpened knives, good set of pots/pan, etc.

Set the mood for the food.

Whatever it may be for you … light candles, music, TV noise, we recommend subscribing to our youtube channel and watching our videos over and over…cooking should be a fun experience.
Line leaders

Think of what you’ll use on a daily basis and place those items towards the front of cabinets – making it easy to get to. Only place the appliances you use daily on the counter top, leaving you more room to work.

Clean as you go.

People, this is really #1. Just plan ahead, get everything you need out BEFORE you start working, make sure the dishwasher is EMPTY so you can fill as you go and allow yourself space in the sink for items that are not dishwasher safe. Rachael Ray highly recommends using a “garbage bowl” or just pull your trash can close to your work space to make clean up easy!

Create work stations.

Get large cutting boards that cover a lot of counter space, this keeps that counter clean and gives you a designated slicing, dicing, mixing and prepping stations. Try to make sense of your space. Move items close together that work together, i.e., the bread box near the toaster, etc.

Whatever tips you choose to take away for your kitchen, be sure to get in it and have some fun! Don’t be afraid of it and don’t turn it into a chore.