Enugu Woman Fakes Own Kidnap


A woman has been arrested by the police in Enugu for allegedly faking her own kidnap to demand a ransom from her husband.

Nancy Chukwu was said to have conspired with a man to stage her own abduction and had asked her husband for 200,000 naira ransom.

Mrs Chukwu, a housewife and trader, reportedly gave her husband’s phone number to her alleged accomplice—a commercial motorcyclist, who called her husband and, pretended to be a kidnapper. He demanded a ransom of N200,000 to be paid into an account if he wanted to see his wife again.

Unfortunately for the woman who is believed to have hidden herself with the man, waiting to get a positive response from the husband, Marcus Chukwu, rather than pay, he went to the police, who eventually traced the bank account to a friend of the motorcyclist.

A police spokesperson who confirmed the incident said Mrs Chukwu and the alleged accomplice confessed to the crime.