EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: “Leave Stella Oduah Alone” – Women Demand

A group of women this morning gathered at the Federal Secretariat in Abuja, to support the embattled minister of aviation, Ms Stella Oduah.

The women were carrying placards which read “a fight against Stella Oduah is a fight against women”.

More exclusive photos below

Photo: Women with placards in support of Stella Oduah

Photo: Women with placards in support of Stella Oduah

Source: LIB


  1. This are all shameless women, who sold their dignity and reputation for money. I pity dis country. I fear for dis nation. I don’t blame them either. They are just women, but not mothers, because poverty has beclouded their sense of reasoning…

  2. This is quite unfortunate for these women to act shamelessly for a token given to them to go to the street and protect for an extravaganza that her cup was filled. She buy bullet proof 2 protect herself from death, abi, can she equip her self with all the security gadget as Abacha did? and where is he today? mitchewww This is poverty is highest order.

  3. Am very surprise the way poverty has eaten our women up dat dey could allow demselves to b used to distract d public. Shame to dese women.

  4. I just hope they all considered the total sum in question while negotiating for their fees…….. I mean you want me to believe these women REALLY couldn’t find something more worthwhile to invest their time in? Its only in my Kontri!!


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