EXPLICIT PHOTOS: Female Fan Goes Crazy At CokoBar Concert, Exposes Private Parts On Stage (18+)

The CokoBar Music Festival took place last night Sunday 6th October 2013 at London’s o2 Indigo and one of the most memorable incident of the night was when a fan (pictured above) was picked from the crowd to come on stage to flex her dancing skills to Flavour’s music. The lady got on stage and started out pretty okay, she bounced and shook her búm búm to a delighted crowd…the cheering must have gotten to her because she then went totally crazy, and gave concert goers a peek of her ‘selling point’ lol. Check out the photos below..


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  2. I don’t blame them cos the scripture MUST be fulfilled.I pity those real human beings who try to imitate all these snakes from d underworld.you will surely die with them if u don’t repent!!!!!!.bewarn

  3. Som of una jus dey make mouth especially the guys like say una no like wetin una eye dey see. If she say make she give you 1 round now una go rush her! And the girls here are jealous bcos them no get big hips like her, if to say na guy wen expose him dick the girls here will love to see that so everybody shut up and don’t judge her joor! No b ya body she use and if you no want look then why open the page? Hypocrites!

  4. See d lady’s ugly thighs!!!
    @ don dada…u don’t know wat u are saying!! U must be very stupid…no wonder, even ur fron ur name, we can tell who u are!! It is ur type that can sleep with animal or a mad woman because u see her stark naked….mtcheeeeeeeeeew!!!!!

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