Fifa Delays Its Final Decision to Move the 2022 World Cup.

The Executive Committee of the Federation of International Football Association (Fifa) is expected to take a decision in principle on the best possible time to host the 2022 Qatar World Cup, only after proper discussions have been carried out.

The world governing body should have voted on a switch at this week’s two-day meeting in Zurich, but the number of oppositions which have joined the argument against such plan has resulted to an extension of date.

The intense summer Qatar heat has been the talking point for all the debaters, which has prompted Sepp Blatter to advocate for a winter World Cup.

One of the several members of the Fifa executive committee who feels there is need for more dialogue before a final conclussion is reached is the Uefa President Michel Platini.

Fifa's Executive Committee Will Hold a Two-Day Meeting in Zurich This Week.
Fifa’s Executive Committee Will Hold a Two-Day Meeting in Zurich This Week.

The executive committee’s two-day meeting begins on Thursday with topics such as Brazil’s preparedness for next year’s World Cup under discussion.

The issue of Qatar is on the executive committee’s agenda for Friday.

Temperatures in the Gulf region can hit 50ºC in the summer, which Blatter says has prompted Fifa to consider medical information about the effects of heat on players, officials and fans.


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